Introductions and What-not

So I’m Spinnach Artichoke. I’m a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan from many years back who’s had something of an on again, off again love of the game.

I discovered Yu-Gi-Oh! through the tv series initially and I loved it from the get go. In fact it would be more than a year (nearly two) after watching the series before I would pick up a deck for the first time.

I always loved the thematic, over-the-top, larger-than-life roster that was (mostly) comprised of villians and rivals. Of course, the idea of each duelist being a specialist in their own archetype both made them a little more memorable and promoted themes within the game.

Of course I soon realized that the game itself was practically from a different universe than that of the tv show. But obviously you would expect that some liberties would need to be taken to fit what’s happening into 30 minutes, make it interesting, and see about shoe-horning in a plot somewhere.

But this didn’t sour me on one or the other. I still enjoy the game and I also watch reruns once and a while. I’m making my way through Arc-V even now.

So if you’re still here (thanks) you’re probably drumming your fingers and hoping I’ll get to the point. So perk up, we’re already there!

This blog will feature posts regarding the game of Yu-Gi-Oh – my thoughts, feelings, and impressions along with analysis on individual cards. My emphasis will be on future and existing products – especially starter and structure decks. I will also review and analyze archetypes entirely: looking at support, strengths/weaknesses, artwork and my own thoughts and opinions.

A huge shout out to all of my friends who have been encouraging me to actually step up and step out with my writing. I hope everyone can find something they like.


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