Violet Poison Magician

​Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages!  We’ve arrived at the end of the line for our incoming magicians for the ultimate fusion monster soon to be released.  I know that I’ve had a set time I usually post at, but this is my favourite of the new magicians and I’ve been waiting for her to finally get her turn.  So I’m typing this on my phone rather than my computer because I just can’t be bothered at this point.
What we have for you today is:

Violet Poison Magician who is a lv.4, DARK spellcaster, with 1200/2100, and a scale of 1.  She is the magician for Starving Venom Fusion Dragon and definitely gets the look down, the name is on point and I like it, and that smirk 😏  She looks like she’s having a great time… a great time being EVIL!  I love the design of this card, it’s nuanced and detailed – great job, Konami artists.

So right off the bat we have another smooth lv.4 that we can xyz into Dark Rebellion (or any other generic rank 4) and pair off with White Wing for a lv.8 synchro (if you’re so inclined).  Also while White Wing was Wind attribute to pay homage to Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, Violet goes back to DARK attribute which now synergizes with Black Fang Magician.  And while you’re not about to OTK/FTK with that bone-rattling 1200 attack; that 2100 defense is looking pretty good.  Most spellcaster monsters aren’t cranking out those kind of numbers and the fact she’s lv.4 again means in a pinch you can let her take a hit while you set up.  In a desperate, dead draw, heart of the cards kinda pinch, you could stall with her if you opponent is also grabbing for resources.
While magicians are typically offensive in nature, pendulum is for overwhelming, and i definitely think that’s the direction of this deck – I like a blatantly more defensive option because you’re not always going to be busting out wombo-combos while your opponent is rolling in salt.  So lets look at the effects:
Pendulum effect:  Once per turn, if a DARK spellcaster-type monster you control battles, before damage calculation: You can make that monster gain 1200 ATK, then destroy this card.  This ATK increase lasts until the end of the damage step.
So much like Starving Venom’s ability to harvest some extra punch for it’s 1st turn, Violet gives us a one time boost.  Also similar to Black Fang Magician it’s not a perfect replica of the original effect.  However unless you’re facing down Obelisk the Tormenter with Timegazer Magician.. 1200 is a pretty decent one-off boost that can get you past what you need or push for more damage.
Now of course this also comes bundled with a destruction effect so we all know what that means..
Monster effect: (This card is always treated as a “Fusion Dragon” card.) If this card is destroyed by battle or card effect:  You can target 1 face-up card on the field; destroy it.
So our stand-in effect is in place, awesome, we all expected that.  And again, if you look back at Astrograph and Chronograph Sorcerer they both share an effect to tribute themself plus 1 “Pendulum Dragon”, “XYZ Dragon”, “Synchro Dragon”, and “Fusion Dragon”.  This would be mind-boggling to try and pull off.  But with the magicians proxy effect and the sorcerer’s replacement effect you could make SDK Zarc 2nd turn.  With pendulum summoning you have ridiculous access to a vary anime-level crazy summoning condition.  So we finally have the last piece for what would be considered the final boss for this deck that we started looking at last week.  Back to Violet,
So the next effect is on destruction you can pop a face up.  OK we all favor non-targeting because it gets around “can’t be targeted”.  However just think about this – remember way back when I mentioned that combo you could string together with the magicians, support cards, and sorcerers?  Substitute her in.  When you just use her in battle – she gives you a 1200 boost, then blows up and takes a card with her.  If you use the trap card you’re essentially blowing up two cards.  And its not restricted to the pendulum zone, so you can just pendulum summon her out next turn, rinse and repeat.
This card in my opinion offers a little defense in a pinch, a battle boost, and contol options.  I think Violet Poison Magician is fantastic and is easily one of my favourites from this series.
So that’s that.  There’s also a rank 4 xyz monster to talk about but lets save that post for later.  Let me know if you’re still interested and I’ll discuss him or other cards that will be appearing or even my own tech choices.  But if everyone has had enough and a feeling a little magician’d out – we can take a break.  Have a great day guys!


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