Summoning – The Power of Eidolons

Released last month in the OCG’s Fusion Enforcers, Eidolon Beasts are based on powerful  summon monsters evoked through magic and called into battle at the caster’s whim from alternate worlds or dimensions (typically, but not always).

Most gamers would be familiar with the”Summon” magic of the Final Fantasy series or similar RPGs.  Summons are specialized magic that are typically limited through cost, cool down, game progress, etc (or even a combination of these) to mitigate the devastating power they bring.

So when I found out this was coming to Yu-Gi-Oh I wasn’t sure what to think.  I was skeptical if it could be executed faithfully to the source lore but also not be overly cumbersome. Personally I think that they brought it together quite nicely.

See, to call Eidolon Beasts an archetype is fair but maybe not wholly accurate.  When I think of an archetype I see – main deck monsters, spells (including a field spell), maybe a trap or two, and at least 1 extra deck monster all with matching naming conventions and with the same theme.  This isn’t to say an archetype can’t exist if it’s missing something – much older archetypes no longer supported may not have extra deck support because that wasn’t a thing during that archetype’s run.  But by modern standards, I feel this is a fair measure as many feel archetypes are incomplete when they are found missing one of these elements.

So because Eidolon Beasts consist of only 1 (yes, one) main deck monster alongside 7 extra deck monsters .. Well now.  It seems almost unbalanced.  I would rather propose that Eidolon Beasts are an “engine” rather than a deck unto themselves.  Easily splashed across various decks for a creative, if not unique, toolbox of support.  In what is a very engaging mechanic.

So rather than go through the cards in a chronological order, per se, I’m going to go through the cards in order of how you use them as an engine.  So stay tuned because there’s a lot to cover.

Reckless Magic Circle (field spell)

When this card is activated: you can add 1 “Aliester the Eidolon Summoner” from your deck to your hand. If you activate a card or effect that includes an effect that Fusion Summons a Fusion Monster, its activation cannot be negated, also your opponent cannot activate cards or effects when that monster is Fusion Summoned. You can only activate 1 Reckless Magic Circle once per turn.

Now this is a fantastic field spell.  It pinpoint searches your key monster and gives you safe fusion summons to the field.  Also, one could attempt to merely run this in a generic fusion deck as well.  As it provides full cover for safe fusion summoning and it isn’t just dedicated to protecting Eidolon fusions. Aesthetically it is great.  You see Aliester making a powerful summon, red energy and lightning crackling around, the attention to detail is fantastic.  It really gives you the sense that something big is about to happen.  

Also the name – there have been several “circle” spells and traps.  Because Yu-Gi-Oh typically depicts this as spellcasting, so to preface the name with “Reckless” is nice choice.  Your opponent can’t respond because its not a “typical” spell – its calling some dangerous, otherworldly beast, and they simply can’t stop it.  Because once Aliester casts that spell to conjure the monster; it’s already too late.



  1. Great read. I’ve considered adding this to my Fluffals and D/D/D decks and also my crazy variant of D/D/D Fluffals. In those decks this would be slow (having to run terraforming to search it) but regardless free fusion summons without having to worry about strike, torrential, veilers, warnings etc? I’ll take a bogo on this card

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    1. And that is the truth about it – it’s slow as is the nature of passive field effects, but safe passage from your fusion deck (remember back when it was just the fusion deck?) to the field is pretty swanky. I was thinking of drafting an old school neos fusion deck for the lulz and this would definately make the list if I were to do so


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