#Yugioh – Caligula the Eidolon Beast

Welcome to the Extra Deck!  I’m sure those following have been patiently waiting for this.  So I won’t waste any time and lets get a look at this monster.

So we have here a level 4 (instant fusion!) dark, effect fusion.  He’s packing the exact same stats as Aliester at 1000/1800.  His effect reads as follows:

“Aliester the Eidolon Summoner” + 1 DARK monster. While this card is face-up on the field, each player can only activate a monster effect once per turn, also each player can only attack with 1 monster during each battle phase.

Oh yeah.  This is a dirty, trolly, scrub effect if ever I saw one. This DARK attribute Eidolon is an absolute pain in the neck – checked by his obvious frailty. This thing clamps down on monster-effect heavy decks and can floodgate the battle phase.  In defense position, a well timed Aliester will get him to a 2800 defense.

This is the kind of monster that Burning Abyss needed to face.  Or any of those wombo-combo decks, frankly.  With a muzzle on the other guy’s plays you can see certain decks grind to an absolute halt.  But be warned that this is indiscriminate – it hits you too.  So a Book of the Law handy isn’t a bad thing to set this guy up as a stumbling block for their turn and pivot out on your turn.

His crackdown on the battle phase can be particularly annoying/useful but again Book of the Law does make this easier to deal with. If you get him that Aliester boost you can wall a weaker deck out solo with Caligula – preventing them from making their way out except through other resourses like spot removal.

As I mentioned earlier he’s an instant fusion target.  You’re not toolboxing a lot of Xyz monsters by any stretch, but there is graveyard plays to be had so that’s not a bad thing – and maybe you just need him to stun one problematic monster.  That alone could be worth it right there.

Yu-Gi-Oh is a funny game sometimes and it can be awkward trying to force different playstyles together.  Maybe you prefer a grindy beatdown game – but you know there’s that one match when you need to slow things to a crawl. This guy is a great way to do that. He makes for a sneaky, nasty little surprise to pop up at just the wrong moment.

And the materials – Aliester who we’ve established is easy to make and a DARK monster from either your hand, field, or either graveyard.  This is probably one of the easiest Eidolons to go into given just how much DARK there is to work with.

And his effect stun isn’t limited beyond the 1st freebie effect you allow – it’s not main phase two, it’s not during the damage step. This guy just watches the first effect go off and then says “alright, that’s enough of that.”  And sure he’s a little light on the offense, but isn’t that why we have things like Moon Mirror Shield.

Let me close by talking about the artwork – I like it. He’s got tattered robes (almost like Aliester turned into him) and you can see Aliester’s artifact (his summoner’s staff) sticking out of his back. You’ve got the summoning circle underneath him and a coy little ” lets cause some trouble” look on his face.  I like him, I like what he does, but a little bit in his case can go a very long way.


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