#Yugioh – Raideen the Eidolon Beast

S0 the next entry in the Eidolon Beast roster is Raideen. With a slightly higher level and better stats, the Eidolon Beasts will gain in power as we go through them.  Where Caligula brings limiters to the duel to cause problems, Raideen also focuses on disruption. So lets take a look at him shall we?

Raideen the Eidolon Beast

Lv5 – Warrior – Wind – Fusion 2200/2400

“Aliester the Eidolon Summoner” + 1 WIND Monster. Once per turn, during either player’s turn: You can target one face-up monster on the field, change it to face-down Defense Position.

Well I know some people might look at the and say “oh it’s just book of moon – that’s ok I guess”. Are you kidding? During either player’s turn? It’s a quick effect so it maintains the same priority as Book of Moon except for one tiny little difference. Can you spot that difference?

It’s once per turn, either turn, on a 2K body – Book of Moon is limited at one. Book of Moon can be a dangerous card because of its ability to interrupt and cripple plays. This is a walking, talking, reusable version.  I might be over-hyping this a little, but anytime you have a spell or trap effect that gets hit – and then we find it built into a monster effect somewhere else that catches my attention.  Especially when it’s a monster that is so easy to get to the field.

Remember? He’s Lv5 – instant fusion! Oh wait, you don’t run that? OK, no problem – we’ll just banish a WIND monster from the opponent’s grave. What’s that you say? It’s first turn so you have nothing to banish yet? Then we’ll just make something else and use the Book of the Law to tribute for him!

I really can’t stress enough how versitile this archetype can be.  With its small core of 3 key cards (4 in my opinion) its very easy to work into a deck – especially if that deck (by nature or design) doesn’t heavily rely on it’s extra deck.  An archetype or build that focuses on going into it’s extra deck may not be as compatible. As with 7 fusions to choose from you’re investing half of your extra deck just to run one of each.

To be fair I think a reusable Book of Moon is worth a spot in any extra deck because unlike Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer who can do the same thing for 1 material – you’re not spending a material.  And if Castel dies your materials are gone even if you revive him.  If you revive Raideen, you just pick up where you left off.

This is an effect powerful enough to warrant another card getting limited to one per deck in a game where spell recursion isn’t really a thing and it’s a one time use.  Raideen is a “no” card. He says “no” to things and as a parent, I can appreciate that.  And teamed with Caligula – one attack and one monster effect each turn, and you can flip a monster face down on their turn.  You can stun them all the way to Rage Town.

Design is pretty classic “strong, intimidating knight-thingy”.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing particularly bad about him, but nothing really jumps off the card and grabs my imagination by the face.  He’s just a cool monster.  No hate, it’s just the way it is. I like the cape and cloth on my knights – I think it classes up the look a little bit.  You’ve got Aliester’s staff sprouting out of his shoulder, which looks neat but also very uncomfortable.  The thunder sword is a nice visual touch but also most likely a nod to him being (or “being”) the Odin Eidolon.

By no means is this the next anti-meta uber stun card but I’m sure you can frustrate the wits right out of an unprepared opponent. By all means run this guy in your deck and if you’re going to duel then get fries from McD’s first – ask for “unsalted” and because they always salt their fries, it means they have to make a fresh batch just for you! And besides… With Raideen in you corner there’s gonna be plenty of salt anyhow.

So until next time, watch your cholesterol and we’ll be looking at a tall glass of water in the next episode!

And remember what grandma always says: You can’t go play until you finish all your Spinnach!


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