#Yugioh Card Review – Cocytus the Eidolon Beast

Now before we even start – his name is pronounced “Ko – Kai – tuss”. Co (like coke) cy (like kite) tus (like tussle).  So no giggling!  You’re obviously going to see his name a few times so lets all be grown ups about this and we’ll get through this together.

Alright so we have the Water attribute, Fusion Dragon Eidolon (don’t say it), he’s lv.6 with 1800/2900 stats.
Not surprisingly, his fusion materials are of course: “Aliester the Eidolon Summoner”+ 1 WATER monster.  I find him to be tricky to summon because I personally don’t seem to play against the many water decks.  But on to his actual effects:

Cannot be targeted or destroyed by an opponent’s card effect. This card can attack while in face-up Defense Position. If it does, apply its ATK for damage calculation.

So we have our first real line of defense. Yes, Caligula and (especially) Raideen have defensive applications – certainly.  But they can also be used to turn the tide of battle.  Cocytus is defensive, period.  He’s got built in protection and a watered down “Superheavy Samurai” effect. 

(For those who may not know or aren’t already familiar with – Superheavy Samurais play around the gimmick of having high defense monsters that can attack while in face-up Defense Position, except they apply their superior defense stat for damage calculation.)

Cocytus serves as a great early/mid game wall.  Providing a heavy body to give you room to start gathering resourses and making plays.  Cocytus is also the only Eidolon that can fully utilize Aliester the Eidolon Summoner’s boost effect in the truest sense of the word, as Cocytus uses both his ATK and DEF stats in battle. Being able to swing for 2800 and block for 3900 (while boosted).  He can still be dealt with via not targeting banish and spin, but if your opponent doesn’t have it ready – it could make for a long afternoon.

Now for the aesthetics/trivia portion. Cocytus is inspired by / based on one of the 5 rivers in Hades.  This is reflected in his shared name, but also his water attribute, and in his design where you see blue vein-like tracers lining up and down his body (which could also be meant to represent rivers). He also appears in a cave in this artwork which could also signify Hades’ location deep under the earth. And Aliester’s staff is lodged clearly in his chest, which seems (to me anyway) reminiscent of Amorphages (who are themselves embodied sins, ya know sin – Hades, it made sense to me anyway).  

A decent card by any measure, I love the design, he can serve his purpose well, I’d always run one but probably no more than that. Never 3, maybe 2 tops. And that hangs on your playstyle and the direction of your build.
Well, that’s all I have to say – now kids, remember to pack your sunscreen and a bottle of water because tomorrow we’re going somewhere toasty warm.  And don’t forget what grandma always says:

You can’t go play until you finish all your Spinnach!


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