#Yugioh Card Review – Magallanica the Eidolon Beast and a NEW topic!

Here we are!  What’s this?  Two posts in one day?!  Hardly, i’m squeezing in Magallanica because frankly it’s a short story, he represents the only vanilla of the whole bunch.  Yes, he’s just a big dumb rock.  Oh and a big dumb rock that comes in with 2nd highest base stats in attack and defense outside the boss monster.


So to give you the quick run down..

Magallanica the Eidolon Beast

Lv. 8, Earth, Fusion – 3000/3300

“Aliester the Eidolon Summoner” + 1 EARTH monster


Yup that’s it.

So I don’t really have strategy-guide per se, but I have facts:

  • Of the 5485 available monsters (i’m taking this number from my android ygopro database, other simulators and sources may have slightly different numbers, but to scale, the percentages should be generally reliable) rock only accounts for 188.
  • Matched against every other type (again, these are from the numbers that I compiled) this places Rock at the 10th most common type in the game.
  • Of those 188 only 10 are fusion monsters!
  • In a similar search, his EARTH attribute accounts for 1391 monsters
  • EARTH attribute is the 2nd most common in the game (just behind DARK, but just ahead of LIGHT)
  • “Magallanica” is a very old name for a presumed sub-continent just south of Australia (which was recorded on centuries old maps, but obviously was found to be non-existent.)

So all of those to say – you’ll probably find easy ways into making this guy.  So outside of a little bit of research to pad this post a little bit, there isn’t a ton to say.

However, as a PSA – I will likely make my next topic “Spiral, the Mythic Radiance Dragon” and his corresponding archetype that’s being introduced in the upcoming OCG booster “Maximum Crisis”.  Apparently this will be a vanilla beat-down deck using equips and other support and the lore behind it points to an evolution from an old monster (Spiral Serpent) and a rivalry with the Atlanteans.  So it’s looking pretty interesting.  So with only a couple 2 monsters and 1 support card left, this’ll be our next stop.

Thanks for reading, have a great day, and remember what grandma always says:

You can’t go play until you finish all of your Spinnach!


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