#Yugioh Card Review – Magical Name – To Mega Therion

Geez, what a mouthful that is. To be fair, I’m quite certain that this won’t be the TCG name given it’s real world occult/sorcery background.  If TCG will censor the tombstone cross on Foolish Burial and changed all the Igknights guns to swords and their gun names to knight names – not a chance this gets through unscathed.

Anyway, to spare my fingers I’m going to just call the trap “Therion” (which means beast).  So lets get a look at it – for those who haven’t looked it up yet, just look at the card and you can probably guess what it does.

Alright, so its a basic spell (which impresses everyone) and we see monsters coming out of portals.  Specifically Eidolon Beasts coming out of summoning rings.  If you guessed that it’s a revival card for Eidolons then you’d be right!

And yet this has so much more potential, let’s see the effect:

Target any number of your banished “Eidolon Beast” monsters with different names; Special Summon them in Defense Position.

This is basically return from the different dimension.  A banned trap card where you paid life points to bring back as many banished monsters as your field could hold for 1 turn.  A few minor adjustments were made: 

  • It’s Eidolons only
  • There’s no life point cost
  • It specifies Defense Position
  • It’s a permanent summon
  • You can’t summon multiple copies of the same Eidolon

So those are some striking differences however considering what we know about Elysion now, this practically makes his effect free.  Also any banished Eidolons along the way are getting another chance to shine.

This can also create a nasty scenario where you pull out Caligula and Raideen at the same time.  With Caligula keeping plays to a minimum and Raideen making powerful use of that 1 face down flip on their turn you can stun really hard.

Therion isn’t a broken card, it’s got plenty of downside if you’re willing to look.  It’s slow, specific, and you can do a lot of steamrolling in defense position. What it does bring to the table is potential for possibilities.  I’d run at least one for that time when you just know that you’re going to need it.

And also for the opportunity to Elysion their whole field – snap Therion – and have Elysion come right back out ready for more. Daring them to make another big play.  Judge for yourself but I think that even as a niche card or relegated to the side deck – Therion deserves at least a look.

Well thanks for tuning in.  I hope everyone had a great Christmas (or fill in the blank if you did something else) and next up we’ll be looking at the catch of the day!  See ya then!  And remember what grandma always says:

You can’t go play until you finish all your Spinnach!


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