#Yugioh Card Review – Spiral, the Mythical Radiance Dragon

Welcome to our next series, what we have for you this time around is potentially the next vanilla beatstick deck.  Let’s get a look at the titular monster for archetype and dig into what he’s made of.

Now this guy is a WATER attribute, Lv8, Wyrm type monster boasting 2900/2900. His flavor text is translated as:

A ferocious dragon that has survived countless violent battles. It underwent evolution in a maelstrom at the depths of the ocean, unleashing an ancient light from its wounded form. At last, the dragon spread its wings, becoming the radiance that rules wherever the wind whirls. But is this new radiance a dream? Reality? Or is it an illusion?

Now he is actually based on Spiral Serpent.  Which is an old Lv8 Sea Serpent monster from years back.  So essentially he evolved from that old beastie into this new beastie.  Now I’m not sure who’s idea this was – however I am still interested in seeing where Konami is going with this.

His stats are almost identical to the original but he does have a fistful of support cards that are premiering at the same time.  The only big difference is the Wyrm type.  This could eventually lead to new synergies as Wyrm becomes more prevalent.

I personally miss the “good ole days” of my giant boss monster against your giant boss monster. So a vanilla beatstick deck is charming to be.. even if it runs the risk of being just a low end Blue-Eyes knock off.  Without spoiling too much it does seem to be an equip card deck, but we’ll get into those over the next few days.

Until then be safe, have fun, and remember what grandma always says:

You can’t go play until you finish all your Spinnach!


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