#Yugioh Card Review – Pacifis, the City of Mythic Radiance

Good afternoon everyone!  So yesterday we got a look at Spiral and today we’re taking a look at his home. Now there’s a lot going on with this card so let me show it to you and then we’ll work our way through it piece by piece.

So out of the gate I like it.  I like the underwater city thing, I’m looking forward to seeing better res images of it but astethitics aside the real question is: what does it do?

(This card’s name is always treated as “Umi“.)
Once per turn, if you Normal or Special Summon exactly 1 Normal MonsterAdd 1 “Mythic Radiance Dragon” card from your Deck to your hand. If your opponent activates a card or effect while you control no Tokens: You can Special Summon 1 “Mythic Radiance Dragon Token” (WyrmType/WATER/Level 8/ATK 2000/DEF 2000). You cannot Normal or Special Summon Effect Monsters the turn you activate either of this card’s effects (even if this card leaves the field)

So the first thing to note is the Umi clause, this card is always treated as Umi. Now whenever someone says Umi the first thing I think of is The Legendary Fisherman….But the second thing is Tornado Wall.  So we know right away that this is an option.  Synergy between cards is good and this is good.  Tornado Wall can be a powerful card in the right situation.

Next if you successfully normal or special summon a vanilla (and specifically only one) then you can add a Mythic Radiance Dragon card to the hand. Pinpoint searching is never bad. Is a very simple activation and this effect would grant access to literally everything releasing at the same time as Spiral and Pacifis.  Konami thus far in what has been revealed have been very particular in the naming conventions and this is huge. There are few things more frustrating than a potentially powerful searcher that can’t actually get to important cards because of names.

The third is a token effect.  Now Konami (for whatever reason) is seemingly getting really big on these “token” effects. Now what this one does is in response to a card activation or effect – if you don’t already have tokens in play – it creates:

1 “Mythic Radiance Dragon Token” (WyrmType/WATER/Level 8/ATK 2000/DEF 2000)
And that sir, isn’t too bad. It’s not amazing by any stretch, I’m curious if there will be any play to make out of it (like how you could use tokens to fuel the grave revival of the Felgrand support monsters) or if it’s just something else it can do.

The card itself is also limiting in the sense that you are unable to summon effect monsters (normal or special) during the turn you use either effect.  But this isn’t exactly a huge problem considering the deck is vanilla beatdown.

So a pretty decent card in my estimation some search and fodder plus access to Tornado Wall make for a good combination.  Strong without being over the top. 

Catch you next time everyone! And remember what grandma always says: you can’t go play until you finish all your Spinnach!


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