#Yugioh Card Review – Spiral Crash of the Mythical Radiance Dragon

Hello Duelists!  Welcome back to our next card in the Mythical Radiance Dragon archetype. Today we have Spiral Crash, our first equip spell card. So why don’t you let me bring up the picture so you can have a look?

Nice, we’ll to speak to the artwork: it’s pretty decent. That trident (tail?) looks awfully familiar to anyone who’s seen a lot of the Atlantean archetype. Particularly their once upon a time boss monster, Poseidra. And of course, Spiral is right there looking smug. But why wouldn’t he? Look at how many characters are on that card! You know it’s going to do something. So let’s bust out our handy dandy translator:

Equip only to a Normal Monster. If the equipped monster attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing battle damage to your opponent. When the equipped monster inflicts battle damage to your opponent: You can Special Summon 1 “Spiral, the Mythic Radiance Dragon” from your handDeck, or Graveyard, and if you do, equip this card to it, then you can change 1 Attack Position monster your opponent controls to Defense Position. You can only use this effect of “Spiral Crash of the Mythic Radiance Dragon” once per turn.

Equip only to a normal monster? Well thanks, that was easy. But in all seriousness this is likely a vanilla beatdown deck so the normal specialization is to be expected.  Also this can be any normal monster so it’s not specific to Lv8 Wyrm type monsters. They just have to be vanilla monsters, not too bad of a limitation.

Piercing.  Now I went on a little row about appreciating piercing on a monster but not crazy about investing in lot into it.  Now this does work given the rest of it’s effects, but if the text stopped here, I’d walk away. But given the rest of this card, piercing is a great addition and will potentially make this card very good.

When a monster equipped with this card inflicts battle damage – summon a Spiral the Mythical Radiance Dragon from your hand, deck, or grave. Awesome. It adds field presence, it’s during battle so it allows pushing, it’s universal direct access to your boss monster. This makes the card worth running right here.

Synergy – this will trigger Pacifis’ effect (because you summoned exactly 1 normal monster) you can add 1 “Mythic Radiance Dragon” card from your deck to your hand.

Re-equip to the summoned Spiral. Okay now, this is awful (in a wonderful way). You’ve already spent the one attack your initial monster gets – now we swap our piercing onto our new baddie. And adding piercing for free onto a 2900 Wyrm (that was also free) is freaking awesome. Now you’ve got your boss monster in play and with that much ATK you’re probably going to hurt the other guy.

Then you can change 1 attack position monster your opponent controls to defense mode. Oh yeah. This is epic for two big reasons.

  1. Can. It’s not mandatory. It would absolutely suck having to force a monster with a better DEF stat out of attack position even if you get piercing. 
  2. The fact that you have the option to change battle position – example: shifting a 2500 ATK Summoned Skull to his 1200 DEF with pierce is fantastic. Many attackers have poor DEF stats for that very reason: they’re attackers. This allows you to take advantage (in cases) of your opponent’s monsters’ inheirant design.

And you can only use this effect once per turn because that would be insane.  I’m a sucker for equip spells but they have to be GOOD equip spells.  This firmly falls into the category of good equip spells.  It’s searchable, it adds to the direction of the deck, it builds momentum.  A+ Konami.


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