#Yugioh Card Review – Deep Whirlpool of the Mythic Radiance Dragon

Break out the water wings, pool noodles, and call the lifeguard! Today duelists we have a nasty little trap.

If all monsters you control are Normal Monsters (min. 1): Target 1 Effect Monster your opponent controls; until the end of this turn, it loses 1000 ATK and DEF, also it has its effects negated. If “Umi” is on the field, you can activate this card from your hand. You can banish this card from your Graveyard, then target 1 Normal Monster you control; equip 1 “Mythic Radiance Dragon” Equip Spell Card from your hand or Graveyard to that Normal Monster.
Oh yeah. So that escalated quickly! With at least 1 normal monster on the field (in your vanilla deck) and only controlling normal monsters (again in your vanilla deck) you can hit an effect monster for -1000/-1000 and nerf their effect for a turn.  So Utopia the Lightning is now no more threatening than Queen’s Knight.

“But it’s a normal trap.. normal traps suck!” I hear a scumbag whining somewhere out there. Well fear not! If Umi is live it becomes a hand trap!! But who really runs Umi anymore? Why you do, silly.  Recall that Pacifis has a passive effect that treats it as Umi while it’s live on the field. Now given that you’re running multiple copies of Pacifis and probably Terraforming with it – for all intents and purposes we can just count this as a hand trap.  And that makes it much more dangerous than just a normal trap.

Konami has been very generous lately with spells and traps that have initial effects and secondary graveyard effects. This card can be banished from the graveyard to equip a normal monster under your command with a “Mythic Radiance Dragon” equip card from your hand or graveyard.  This serves two excellent purposes:

  1. Recursion. Unless you’re running Noble Knights, equips aren’t your typical key play. And getting them back is tricky if you don’t have specialized cards to do just that. So this allows you an option without jamming the deck with numerous tech cards.  You’d be running this trap anyway most likely, so this just allows for building on your existing plays.
  2. Messing with your opponent! I mean duh!! Remember what I said about Spiral Gold’s +500 not being that impressive?  It’s still not.. but if your opponent is making a play to run over your Spiral, you could dig up a Spiral Hold – kill the attacker – then summon another Spiral – and burn for 1000. Adding insult to injury.

This is a nasty trap with no “once per turn” limitation and a lot of different directions you can go with this.  The artwork is on point and fitting the theme of the deck and relevant given what it does. A giant watery monster rising from the depths? You have a card that debilitated enemies and dredges up equip cards.  I like it!


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