#Yugioh Card Review – Dinomic Powerload

I like to start an archetype discussion with the field spell because typically it will (in a nut shell) tell you exactly what the deck is about.

Dinomist isn’t a subtle deck. It has some flaws but it’s honestly one of the most fun decks to play. Other decks (I’m looking at you D/D/D) are powerful but extremely unforgiving of misplays and are very particular about how to get the most from your plays. And Dinomic Powerload reflects this: it’s straightforward but does has its issues.

All “Dinomist” monsters on the field gain 300 ATK and DEF. If a “Dinomist” monster you control battles, your opponent cannot activate cards or effects until the end of the Damage Step
Now I said this about Spiral’s equips, a small boost is better than a small loss any day. That said, 300 is (most of the time) peanuts. It’s “winning more”. That 300 likely won’t swing the game in your favor, but if you’re already ahead it will help you keep it that way. Especially when you pair it with Plesios.

Now the secondary effect is why you want this card out. Dinomist is a battle deck, it’s a hammer, so by locking your opponent out of battle phase interactions when your Dinomist monsters are involved is excellent support. It’s simple yet effective. Dinomist want to hit the field and start swinging for the fences. By locking down activations, your opponent can neither hand trap nor use what’s already there. In the face of a monster like Battling Boxer Lead Yoke …

OK little rant here. His name isn’t pronounced “Leed Yoke” it’s “Led Yoke”. Lead like the metal, not lead as in being in front of a group of people. And yoke because that’s the apparatus on his shoulders. It’s a harness for animals that’s typically wooden and quite heavy, old timey fighters would strap into them to build strength and endurance. He’s Lead (metal) Yoke because he’s wearing a frigging lead yoke in his artwork. And his effect to detach to “sustain” a monster while gaining power is a reference to how removing his weights allows his full strength. Think like Piccolo’s weighted clothes in season 1 DBZ. Nothing irks me more than a player who doesn’t know the name of their own cards.  Noble Knights with their Welsh names – maybe, they are tough. But freaking Lead Yoke?! Get with the frigging program!

Anyways, Lead Yoke’s ability to detach to stave off destruction is fine because that’s after damage but the boost is completely ignored by Dinomic Powerload. He might as well be Launcher Spider for all the good that effect does. Locking out those hand traps will straight up murder Bujins and leave Yamato in a ditch somewhere. And don’t even try Maiden with Eyes of Blue, you wanna see some rage?

Dinomist monsters aren’t ridiculously strong, but Dinomic Powerload’s ability to nerf abilities and keep your opponent out of your battle phase (until the end of the damage sense anyway) makes them infinitly more threatening.

And who knows! That 300 boost just might come in handy afterall. The entire problem with Dinomic Powerload is in it’s very name. It’s name, breaking from Dinomist, prevents it from being searched by Pteran. This leaves us running Terraforming to better the odds of opening the field spell or not and hoping to run into it quickly. But naming it “Dinomist Powerload” would allow you to search Pteran with Dinomist Charge, then Powerload with Pteran. And given that I run 2-3 Terraforming, that’s a lot of extra space to work with in the main deck.

Or it could be that Konami didn’t consider any of that and it’s just a stupid name. Either way, it does knee-cap what could’ve been some really good synergy.

The artwork is cool, if not a little silly. Yes it harkens to Dinoster Power, which is a thing if you run the Dracoslayer engine and now we’re complicating things.  I’ll rant more about this later when I cover Dinoster Power, but for now that’s all there really is to say about Dinomic Powerload. It’s good, it’s worth the card slots, run 3.

As always, have fun, play safe, and remember what grandma always says:

You can’t go play until you finish all your Spinnach!


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