#Yugioh Card Review – Dinomist Ankylos (repost)

So now for one of my favorite Dinomists if only in terms of appearance.  I really like the artwork in Dinomist as a whole, but I do have a fondness for Dinomist Ankylos. As a kid they were one of my favorite dinosaurs and blue is my favorite color. So this guy is winning all kinds of brownie points with me. But why don’t we take a look at the card itself?
Pendulum Effect
Once, while this card is in your Pendulum Zone, you can negate an activated card effect that targets another “Dinomist” card(s) you control, then destroy this card.
Monster Effect
Banish any monster destroyed by battle with a “Dinomist” monster you control.
So we see our 6 scale effect that negates and destroys an activated effect that targets your Dinomists. Now this is pretty good as it can protect against multiple targets and it’s not beholden to a specific card type (be it monster, spell, or trap). This can potentially save you from a lot of stuff.
His monster effect is something though. He’s a macro cosmos on legs for monsters vanquished by Dinomist monsters. While he’s face up anything killed by a Dinomist monster is banished instead of sent to graveyard.
Ankylos is not tough. His 2000 DEF is okay and his 1500 ATK is worse even than Stegosaur! But by keeping him on the field you have the potential to shut down how other decks need to play. Burning Abyss? Done. Satellars? No hope. Lightsworns? They’ll mill themselves just fine, but you better hope Dinomist don’t catch you! Lose too many resources on the field and milling becomes a problem. Most “graveyard” deck do not like this little metallic menace.
Can you get over him? Sure!! Can you do it before losing some cards in the process? That’s a different story.
I like defensive cards.  I was the scrub who would hide behind any 2K+ wall to gather up some resources and the try to steamroll through the other guy. And the thing is that Dinomist actually makes this more viable than it once was, in fact the only deck to really do this better is probably Gong Strong’s Superheavy Samurais.
Ankylos is a safe 1st turn set if you can’t open big and the pendulum back later when you’re ready to KO some monsters and you want them to stay dead. His Lv 4 means he’s a good generic rank 4 material if needs be. And every machine is scarier under limiter removal, plow through you opponent’s line and save this guy for last. Limiter might blow them all up, but at least yours can come back on that next pendulum summon.
I like ’em and keep him at 2. How many do you play?

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