#Yugioh Card Review – Dinomist Brachion

Welcome back to Dinomist on Parade! Our first subject of the day will be Dinomist Cyber Dragon, or as he’s better known, Dinomist Brachion. Most decks have one of these monsters and Dinomist is hardly an exception. So let’s pull up the card at take a look.

Pendulum Effect:
Once, while this card is in your Pendulum Zone, you can negate an activated card effect that targets another “Dinomist” card(s) you control, then destroy this card.
Monster Effect:
If you do not control “Dinomist Brachion” in your Monster Zone and your opponent controls a monster that has the highest ATK on the field (even if it’s tied), you can Special Summon this card (from your hand)

So we have our Dinomist 6 scale effect that negates and destroys a card with a targeting effect that targets your Dinomist monsters.

Some people don’t like that Dinomist only have two pendulum effects, I personally am fine with it. I agree that you can do more with more effects – take the new Dragon Magicians for example, who have tons of options – but the limitation there is that you only have 3 cards in you deck to accomplish that specific effect. Whereas in Dinomist, you may only have 2 effects, you will have either (and as likely both) active at practically any point in the duel.

Now there’s an argument to be had here with good merit – what is more dangerous: and assortment of threats that may not occur in any particular order or consistent threat you always need to watch?  Many would say “unpredictability” because by nature you can’t plan for it and thus is harder to defend. That’s not wrong, but let’s not forget that the pilot may not be able to predict his next card every time. You won’t always top deck what you need. Sometimes you get the last thing you need.

Dinomist’s limited pendulum effect range may be “predictable” but it’s something that the pilot doesn’t even have to think about. I don’t know about you but I’m the kind of guy that places my pendulums in “order”. Meaning that my small number goes on the left and the bigger number goes on the right. Its not always practical, but it’s my own little thing. What this also does is when I play Dinomist, I don’t need to process “which” card is there so much as “is” a card there. I have my “left” pendulum? Sweet, destruction out. Do I have my “right” pendulum? No? Ok, better watch out – I’m still vulnerable to targets.

At the same time, most of your big hurdles in a duel aren’t “Oh man this guy is everywhere! What’s he going to throw at me next?!” (unless they’re D/D/D) – usually it’s more like staring down a boss monster thinking “Alright how do we get rid of this thing?!”. You opponent thus has to be aware also that at any given point in the duel you will have either or both of these effects active. It adds one more facet to their gameplan and can be frustrating having to deal with a recurring problem.

His monster effect is something akin to Cyber Dragon – if they control the strongest monsters and you don’t already have a Dinomist Brachion, special summon him from hand. A nice little touch is the “even if they are tied” clause. Its so long as they have the monster with the highest attack, even if you have an equal, just as long as you don’t control the single strongest monster. As a Lv 5 he can pair with another Lv 5 Dinomist to go into Cyber Dragon Infinity plays. 2000 ATK is pretty good in Dinomist as none of the Dinomist monsters are insanely powerful. And in a pinch, the easy summon gives you something to work with. I do however find him in play as my typical 6 scale, as I personally feel the other 6 scales are more useful on the field. That’s not to say that I never use him, I just play him like that.


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