#Yugioh Card Review – Dinomist Plesios

Finally! I’ve been waiting for this one. This is the passive effect that you want on the field at all times. You might as well forget she even has a scale because you will never use it unless you are absolutely stumped. Oh my goodness, all aboard the pain-train! Toot toot!! Let’s get a look at Dinomist Nessy (Plesios)

Pendulum Effect: 
Once, while this card is in your Pendulum Zone, you can negate an activated card effect that targets another “Dinomist” card(s) you control, then destroy this card.
Monster Effect: 
All face-up monsters your opponent controls lose 100 ATK and DEF for each “Dinomist” card you control.

So we have the staple anti-targeting scale 6 effect, but I cannot stress enough: do not scale this monster unless it is absolutely necessary.

Every face up monster your opponent controls loses 100/100 per Dinomist card (not monster, just per card). Now here’s the thing that I went tilt over when I saw her way back when Dinomist was brand new and folks weren’t certain about her yet – this ability stacks. So if you have 2 on the field is -200/200, if you have the maximum 3 it’s a whopping -300/300!!

Dinomist Plesios in numbers can 0/0 you opponent’s monsters outright. Plus the 300 from Dinomic Powerload. Plus the no retaliation effect during battle (prior to damage step). You can run roughshod through your opponent’s lines for massive amounts of damage if they’re in attack mode. I’ve seen Dinomist decks tech in Final Attack Orders to abuse this.

You have a maximum of 5 monster zones, 3 copies of the continuous spell, plus your pendulum scales.  That’s -1000 for 1 Plesios. At a max -3000. It’s really nice to set off a Maiden (WEoB) to see a mighty Blue-Eyes White Dragon hit the field 0/0.

This is where your scales really shine because when you pendulum summon a swarm of Plesios to the field you need to keep them safe, so a matching pair of anti-targeting and anti-destruction is crucial to prevent disruption. Personally I tend to pendulum 1 or 2 and when they hit safe and sound, normal 1 from my hand. That way if the other guy is jumpy and tries to solemn my Plesios – I won’t lose all of them in one fell swoop.

Plesios is a game changer plain and simple. This card will be a centerpiece of a Dinomist deck and it’s natural beatdown strategy.  It’s 1700 attack is far more impressive when you’ve power-drained everything else on the field. Its Lv 4 allows for that all important normal summon to make sure it can hit the field.

While this is the part of the duel where you show that aggressive side – it also becomes a very important side game of defend the castle. You need to protect those Plesios from harm. If she goes your advantage evaporates with her. Banished is easily the biggest threat because the deck doesn’t naturally interact with banished.

It really stings that the field spell isn’t “Dinomist” because thats an extra -100 to -300 we don’t get. Plesios also clears the way so Pteran can just open your deck like a phonebook. Ankylos will rid you opponent of handfuls of monsters by banishing the fallen every turn if given the chance. And Rex? Ah we’ll talk about him later. Plesios is amazing and simple to use, run 5 if you can! Otherwise stick to the “minimum” of 3.  There should always be a minimum of 3 Plesios in this deck.


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