#Yugioh Card Review – Dinomist Spinos (updated)

Warning: OTK ALERT

Extreme SALT hazzard!

So Dinomist Spinos is one of Dinomist’s primary attackers. With the highest natural ATK stat of any Dinomist monster, Spinos is also packing two brutal effects that (under the proper conditions) will OTK an opponent as early as turn two. Let’s see the card!

So Spinos has the Dinomist scale 3 defensive measures of protecting your Dinomist monsters from destruction by sacrificing itself. Such a noble creature..

But those effects though! Tribute a Dinomist to attack directly and again to attack twice! If you look at the text there’s no limitation on either effect. Or even a stipulation of “once per turn activate A or B”. It is fully possible to open up with the proper resources to do both.

I’ll apologize now that frankly I couldn’t get the math right to work out the percentages of this.  All I can offer is anecdotal evidence, to say I’ve done it a few times. You see you need to go 2nd and open with all Dinomist monsters (including Spinos) and draw into Limiter Removal (top deck much?) or some combination of these cards.

You set scales, summon your three Dinomist monsters, tribute one for Spinos’ direct damage effect, then the other for his x2 attack effect. Activate limiter removal and you have two direct attacks of 5000 damage each. Game.

Obviously this doesn’t always work out, if your opponent has any responses ready then you’re toast. It’s a flimsy play and like most plays like this it’s gimmicky and inconsistent. But it’s fun knowing that this beastly play is lurking in your deck somewhere and it will be responsible for more salt than McDonald’s french fries.

In a regular basis you can tribute a monster to go for pressure. Say in a case where you haven’t scaled Stegosaur so you have a spare kicking around your hand. Sacrifice him for the greater good and let Spinos go for game. There’s lots of options.

And when there’s no options at all, this 2500 beater is just a welcome sight on the field for Dinomist. Well just one more monster to go – Dinomist Rex.


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