#Yugioh Card Review – Dinomist Charge

With Dinomist coming to a close we’re going over the spell and trap cards still remaining. So first up is Dinomist Charge, a continuous spell that is a staple 3 of regardless of your build.

When this card is activatedAdd 1 “Dinomist” monster from your Deck to your handOnce per turn, if a “Dinomist” card(s) is added from the field to your Extra Deck face-up: Add 1 of those cards to your hand. You can only activate 1 “Dinomist Charge” per turn.

So our first effect is a monster search. Ideally if you’re opening you need scales and Pteran and Plesios. Use this to add whatever you may need.

While it’s running however it becomes recurrence for pendulums. Once per turn if a card leaves the field and lands in the extra deck – add it back to your hand.

This is really big because it mitigates the cost of pendulum effects, those lost in battle (because let’s be honest, they’re pretty frail if you haven’t stacked the field), and even tributes for Spinos and Rex!

Dinomist Charge also counts towards Plesios’ effect, so you’ll want them on board anyway. It searches, it adds back to hand to minimize going neg on plays, adds to card count, and its a picture of an angry robo-t-rex. Why would  not love this card? Easily one of the best of the archetype and a personal fav!


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