#Yugioh Card Review – Dinomist Eruption

And so ends another series. It’s been nice reliving this great archetype and we need a fresh idea – if you have an archetype suggestion, please comment it below!  Dinomist Eruption was mentioned briefly way back in the Dinomist Stegosaur article, so here’s his 15 seconds of fame!

Pretty straightforward. It’s a revenge killer whcih there is some definate upside to spot removal.  And despite the cards that can get around the targeting, there’s plenty enough cards that are still affected by this.

With Dinomist Charge on deck you’re essentially only cycling resources. In a best case scenario is going +/- 0. A themed card and not too amazing to be perfectly honest.

I like that support is coming out by konomi, it’s greatly needed, and it would be a waste of an overall fun idea and great style to just let this deck be another interesting footnote in the history of yugioh. I also like the almost Kaiju-esque style and design of the card itself. It has a good look and a lot of personality. And nice that Brachion is getting some fan-service (does Brachion have fans? Bah! Of course it does!)

I wouldn’t really recommend this card, there are better things to run, however I think it’s a cheeky little surprise and if you’re board clearing with limiter removal or you have a Dinomist summoned by Dinomist Rush – essentially monsters that are blowing up anyway – it’s a nice parting farewell (read: potshot) you can share with an esteemed rival.


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