#Yugioh Card Review – U.A. Blockbacker

Well we’ve seen how our offense lines up and how Perfect Ace likes to close out the opponent. But he can’t do it all. Sometimes you need a little more muscle. Take a look at U.A. Blockbacker.

You can Special Summon this card (from your hand) by returning 1 “U.A.” monster you control to the hand, except “U.A. Blockbacker”. You can only Special Summon “U.A. Blockbacker” once per turn this way. Once per turn, when your opponent Special Summons a monster(s): You can change their battle positions, and if you do, negate their effects.

This Lv 7 mountain of a man boasts a huge 2700 DEF, especially considering that you just play Midfielder and then trade. Blockbacker has a solid body for taking hits amd much like a linebacker in real life his goal is to shut down the opposing offense.

See while he’s on the field (once per turn) when your opponent summons a monster(s) <- see that little S right there is very important. Because it means a monster or multiple monsters if they are summoned simultaneously (say like a big pendulum summon?). Blockbacker will force them into defense position (effectively stumping any offense that turn) and negating their effects. Not just negating them until the end of the turn – like as long as they’re on the field.

And like Perfect Ace, he may not have a great ATK stat, but if he stays on the board long enough under Stadium’s effects – getting boosted every time you switch other U.A.s in and out – pretty soon he’ll be a pretty sizable threat.

You essentially have a big bodied, once per turn, Skill Drain / Block Attack in one. I really don’t see people run Blockbacker that much, or only at one if they do. Mostly because players seem to emphasize the importance of the aggressive U.A.s and neglect the more defensive options.

Personally I’ve seen Blockbacker cause plenty of trouble to opponents either through trying to get over that wall of a DEF stat or bringing out a specialized monster to deal with him, just to see it get neutered. Lots of players don’t even know what he does and will still make their big play just to rage when they realize they got stonewalled. When your opponent is spending resources for an Extra Deck monster and you’re spending nothing on Blockbacker to put that monster(s) on the sidelines – I think you’re getting a pretty good deal.


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