#Yugioh Card Review – U.A. Turnover Tactics

Could you imagine a card that for a stupid low requirement of 2 monsters will spin the whole field – then give you two monsters – and it’s a quick play?

Welcome home, Turnover Tactics.

If you control 2 or more “U.A.” monsters with different names: Shuffle as many monsters on the field as possible into the Deck, then Special Summon “U.A.” monsters from your Deck that have different names from each other, up to the number of cards shuffled into your Main Deck, but those monsters cannot attack this turn. Then your opponent can Special Summon monsters from their Deck, up to the number of cards shuffled into their Main Deck. You can only activate 1 “U.A. Turnover Tactics” per turn
This is another card I believe is under utilized. This is non-targeting, spin to deck (honestly the best form of removal in the entire game) all monsters, then you special summon 2 new U.A. monsters – which cannot attack, BUT can be cycled out for U.A. monsters in your hand that are fully capable of attacking.

Or you wait until that player is halfway through that big play – boom – clear the decks. This card has devastating disruption potential for such an underrated deck. U.A. is never going to be tier 0 – neo meta, but it’s definitely not the tier 12, garbage fire that some let on that it is.

Decks that don’t have a lot of backrow or effect negating monsters are highly susceptible to what this card can do. Using this on an opponent’s turn is particularly good because you can’t attack them on their turn anyway.

Now of course your opponent gets to replace their monsters as well, but because this is a simultaneous summon, you can totally set this up with Bottomless Trap Hole to really leave them in the lurch. Or Rivalry of Warlords if their monster types are eclectic.

And unlike Signing Deal, you don’t lose the monster’s effects. This should be a 2 of in any casual version of U.A. It’s an under-exposed, nasty, little surprise that will infuriate an unsuspecting victim.

And after that incredible turnover, it’s 1st and 10 and the U.A. quarterback is making his way onto the field..


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