#Yugioh Deck Profile – U.A. (mostly) Pure and (mostly) Budget

So this is the build for U.A. that I like. I have a snapshot of the build but I’ll go through each item with numbers and a short reason/description of why.

U.A. Playmaker (2) – I use playmaker to super size any U.A. I plan on keeping out for a while, cycling him in and out keeps the ATK loss from making him a liability.

U.A. Dreadnought Dunker (2) – I find two Dunkers are enough. I don’t want to draw into him per se because I can search him once Stadium is up and running.

U.A. Blockbacker (2) – The ability shutdown is a nasty surprise to walk into and the big body makes for a good hurdle that’s safe early on.

U.A. Rival Rebounder (2) – Similar to Dunker he’s a better search than draw, but for his “Reborn” effect I definitely want more than one.

U.A. Goalkeeper – I keep him very trim because the single protection is limited. I tend to use it on himself and stall for draws or sacrifice him to keep something else safe if I smell a trap.

U.A. Mighty Slugger (2) – This and Dunker you may want three, but I run two’s because I want them on my schedule. Your “safe” attacker, two is probably the minimum.

U.A. Perfect Ace (3) – A near Ultimate Providence on legs, he’s the only “big” U.A. I run more than two of because you want that neg on board as early as possible. A target for Playmaker to make him relevant on your turn.

U.A. Midfielder (3) – Main engine, allows the normal summon/search, target for switches, can make quick play switches. Always three.

Potential Tech:

Warrior Lady of the Wasteland – she’s kind of like Shining Angel for this deck. When she’s destroyed by battle and sent to the graveyard, you can special summon an Earth / Warrior monster with >1500 ATK. This has synergy with Midfielder and she can be set as bait to get Midfielder out for free.

Reinforcements of the Army – limited to one, its primary target is its only target. Adds Midfielder to hand for no cost.

Foolish Burial of Belongings (3) – A spicy tech from Samuel Montero III, this dumps your Penalty Box to grave making it’s second effect live. Essentially making it a deck thinner plus a spell searcher. Solid tech.

U.A. Signing Deal (2) – A (somewhat) pricy summon of any U.A. from deck to field. Usually Midfielder and this can be a result of Foolish/Penalty Box.

Terraforming (2) – You absolutely want Stadium in place as early and as often as possible. This is at two rather than three because of the Foolish tech.

Mystical Space Typhoon (2) – A more cost friendly option, you typically don’t want to discard cards (Twin Twisters) because getting them back is tricky in this build.

Chain Summoning (2) – Easy access to a full field for free (provided you have enough monsters). This is your best bet at swarming outside of a Soul Charge (which is too expensive on LP when you already have Signing Deal).

U.A. Turnover Tactics – I run this at one because you can grab it easy with Foolish and because once is probably enough to runaway with the duel.

U.A. Powered Up Jersey (2) – A great card to draw into but a stale open since you can’t use it in an opening hand unless you’re going second. You can also equip more than one to a single U.A. so it can make something scary even scarier.

U.A. Stadium (3) – Your searcher for the deck plus provides ATK boost once per turn when you special summon. This is how you make this deck hum.

Bottomless Trap Hole – Bad for boss monsters and a nightmare for pendulum boards.

Mirror Force – non-targeting battle destruction, table for 1-5.

Compulsory Evacuation Device – spot removal. Quick and easy. Extra fun for Xyz and Synchros.

U.A. Penalty Box (2) – Battle phase banish removal for two turns and a spell searcher when banished from grave. I run 2 and not 3 because I like to have one on the field for shenanigans and then the other can search.

Thunder End Dragon – made with Playmakers, I’ve gone into him once but the threat he poses is still significant.

Red-Eyes Black Flare Metal Dragon (2) – against an effect heavy deck  or combo heavy deck this card is phenomenal its burn damage output.

Mecha-Phantom Beast Dracossack – Reasonable body but great defensive line.

Number 11: Big Eye – A proud contributor of the monster relocation program.

Adrus – For spot destruction.

Number 61: Volcasaurus – Spot destruction and burn damage.

Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon – for hitting power

Number 103: Ragna Zero – for checking enhanced enemies

Number 101: Silent Honor Ark – for quick and tidy non-targeting monster disposal

Castel – because yes he can bounce, but he does have 2 rounds of Book of Moon available as well.

M-X-Saber Invoker – a Rank 3 way of bringing out Midfielder, no problem! But hey “you don’t have level three monsters!” … Side deck, kids. It’s in the side deck.


I don’t normally do side decks, but this one is really straight forward. There’s 3rd copies of:

  • Dunker
  • Slugger
  • Rebounder
  • Penalty Box
  • Signing Deal
  • Chain Summoning

There’s also an extra U.A. Turnover Tactics as well. But the bank breaker is the Terrortop engine. While its pricy it can super charge getting Midfielder out and you can then dump some of the other support to fill in your offensive line.

It depends on how you like to play, but it is a very viable option

Well there you have it. Those are my thoughts an choices for a (mostly) pure and (mostly) budget U.A. deck. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you’ll put together your own U.A.s and let me know what you come up with!


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