#Yugioh Card Review – Charming Resort Staff

I’m still alive!! So I’ve just started a new job so the hours are a cold turkey change from what I’m used to – so I’m adapting to that and it’s put me in traction. But I’m back to finish SPYRALs and continue with the reviews.

Charming Resort Staff isn’t SPYRAL by name, but mostly focuses on directly supporting SPYRAL Super Agent.

When an attack is declared involving a “SPYRAL Super Agent” you control and an opponent’s face-up monster: You can change the ATK of the opponent’s monster to 0. If this card is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can Special Summon 1 “SPYRAL Super Agent” from your Deck. If a “SPYRAL Super Agent” you control is destroyed by battle or sent to the Graveyard while this card is in your Graveyard: You can banish this card from your Graveyard; return 1 “SPYRAL Super Agent” from your Graveyard to your hand.

So Charming Resort Staff has three effects. And she’s very consistent in terms of her strictly supporting the archetype’s main monster. Let’s see what she does:

Combat support – when SPYRAL Super Agent is involved in a battle you can activate Charming Resort Staff to reduce the opponent’s monster’s ATK value to 0. Oh yeah right out of the gate and we’re already swinging for the fences (should’ve used that with U.A.). This reminds me of the Gate Guardian trio – only better. Mostly because the trio could only activate the effect when the opponent’s monster attacked and it was only once while your monster was face up on the field. Charming Resort Staff will go off every time that a SPYRAL Super Agent attacks a face-up monster. And considering how easily you can get them on board?

Normal Summon one, effect special summon another, Big Red the last one – you could use this little lady to effectively neuter your opponent’s field. 3 zeros per turn? That’s awesome. And I’m sticking to archetype! You could very well spend big on LP and Soul Charge all of ’em at once.

Her second effect allows her to special summon a SPYRAL Super Agent when she’s destroyed by battle or card effect … from your deck! Now given that she’s able to bring him out like that – in a pinch you could very well just crash her into something and blow her up.

My biggest complaint with this card is the name. Charming Resort Staff could have been SPYRAL Resort Staff. She could’ve been indestructible by battle and brought back easy with Big Red. Non-targetable by SPYRAL Resort (field) and searched by Master Plan and would’ve had better synergy with SPYRAL Super Agent because her “SPYRAL” name would’ve set off his pop effect. Huge opportunity missed.

The final effect that she has lets you remove her from play from your graveyard to add a SPYRAL Super Agent from your graveyard back to your hand. So recycling!

I wish there was a fourth effect to say “this monster is always treated as a SPYRAL monster” but alas it was never meant to be.

But my complaints with Konami aside, even if Charming Resort Staff can’t be all of the broken that I would want her to be, she’s still a 2-3 staple in any variation of the deck.


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