#Yugioh Card Review – SPYRAL GEAR – Big Red

So work is still really hectic and I’m not getting any “me” time, subsequently my “me” time also doubles as my writing time.  But I want to wrap this series up and cover a lot of other stuff. So with those asides out of the way..

Activate this card by targeting 1 “SPYRAL” monster in your GraveyardSpecial Summon it, and if you do, equip this card to it. It cannot be destroyed by battle. You can only activate 1 “SPYRAL GEAR – Big Red” per turn.
Equip cards are tricky business. It means dedicating vulnerable resources to your game plan and no matter how well you plan there’s always a Satellarknight Triverr, D/D/D Beowulf or Kali Yuga, etc. that will happily blow your backrow to hell.

So you need them to either have some built in protection or recurrence or an alternate source of either of those. Noble Knights were probably one of the closest to getting this right – with their Noble Arms equips having a built in bounce from grave.

So you want you equips to be good, without being so good as to make them “expensive” (in terms of activation cost) or overly necessary to make the deck work.

Enter Big Red: a premature burial for SPYRALs whose only requirement is having a monster  to target for its reviving effect. The monster is battle proof and if Big Red is destroyed it doesn’t kill your monster (like, say Call of the Haunted” would).

The only real limitations to this card are that it only affects SPYRAL monsters (so Charming Resort Staff is out) and it’s limited to once per turn.

Now normally you would use this to bring back your Super Agents, also as this is technically a SPYRAL card it triggers Super Agent’s effect. Personally I like using this for Master Plan since she’s a ridiculously high level compared with the rest of the archetype. Not necessarily a spicy tech but this card suffers less than most from Swords at Dawn since once Big Red goes off you don’t “need” it on the field to keep your monster alive.

Now there has been newly revealed support that can really help SPYRALs but there are three businessmen that I’ve been dying to talk about and I didn’t want to start them without actually closing this archetype proper.

So straighten your glasses and grab your scarf because we’re taking a look at Mr. Akaba’s brutal new extra deck monsters.


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