#Yugioh Card Review – Decode Talker (the Missing Link!)

Holy moly!! New monster type – new monster classification – changes to the board – new mechanics – new colors (I love that blue, forget rituals!) – and I need to edit my D\D\D upgrades.

So meet Decode Talker, a Link-3, DARK type, Cybers monster. The ace monster for the upcoming protagonist. He’s got 2300 ATK and he sports N,SW, and SE links.

What I mean by that last part is that the little arrows surrounding his artwork (compared with a compass) point North, SouthWest, and SouthEast. Or at least that’s how I’m looking at it until Konami tells me otherwise.

Now according to the new rules you can only summon an extra deck monster to the new extra monster zone located above your main monster zone (the familiar 5 spaces we’ve always used).

However! By placing a Link Monster in the Extra Monster Zone, the arrows that point to you surrounding main monster zones can be treated as Extra Monster Zones! 

If you look REALLY close at the Link Monster in the Extra Monster Zone he has an arrow pointing South (highlighted by the exaggerated arrow). This allowed the player to extend the Extra Monster Zone to the space below that occupied by his Link Monster.  By summoning another Link Monster to this extended zone he has extended his Extra Monster Zone again! Finally, this second Link Monster has arrows pointing East and West. This allowed him to further extend his Extra Monster Zones to include the adjacent spaces on either side of the second Link Monster. At this point they player brought out a Blackwing Armor Master and an Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon.

While the necessity of using Link Monsters to really get into your extra Deck slows things down, it may prove healthy for the game. At least until they get power creeped.

2300 ATK isn’t astounding, but for every monster he’s”linked” to, most likely meaning the number of monsters on the other end of his arrows, he gains 500 ATK.

Link monsters don’t sport a DEF stat because their battle position can’t change, they can only be summoned in attack position, and can’t be flipped face down. And they count as a monster on the field (you can attack with them) and your opponent has to deal with them before attacking directly. So cards that specifically address attack position monsters may prove to be more valuable.

I’d also be interested to see what a Fiendish Chain or Skill Drain does to these. Likely it won’t affect their linking – in the same way that those cards don’t stop Pendulum Monsters from being Pendulum Monsters.  But expect to see Link Disruption become a very big deal.

This could also pose a potential weakness if you destroy monsters linked to Decode Talker, he should presumably lose his stat gain.

His Link-3 value means you’re either using 3 effect monsters to summon him or another Link Monster plus a number of other effect monsters to total up to the Link value (in this case 3).  I expect in some time Konami will roll out monsters that can count as multiple links (similar to things like Kaiser Seahorse being worth multiple tributes).

I’ll post more later about the other changes but for now I’m just trying to take this all in.  It’s a great time to be playing Yu-Gi-Oh!


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