#Yugioh Discussion – The New Landscape (thoughts and musings)

So I wanted to discuss the rule changes and the new board and the possible implications therein.

So the first immediately obvious change was the removal of pendulum zones.  After a couple of years now of pendulums terrorizing the meta (with precious few decks holding any consistent relevance for a prolonged period of time) pendulums have been dealt … actually, I don’t even know if they’ve been dealt a blow.  But they’ve been jostled a little bit.

Pendulums have lost their exclusive zones and now have to sublet space from the spell/trap zones. Personally I’m okay with this. Some decks may take issue with this: Majespectres love their backrow, Dinomists and Amorphage both have effects that count face up cards so they lose out a lil bit, and I’m certain there are others I’m just not considering yet.

By occupying two zones for pendulums, you limit yourself to 3 spells/traps – which means much more strategy and resource management.  Pendulum duelists need to carefully consider what is on their field.

Also, only the 1st and 5th spell/trap zones can be used for pendulums. If something else happens to be in one of those zones – you can’t place that pendulum elsewhere. You have to vacate that zone and then proceed to scale up.

The next biggest change that effects both the board, the rules, and the state of the game itself – extra deck monsters. For those of us who remember the beginnings of Yugioh, back when the extra deck was the fusion deck, the game was far slower.

As someone who stepped away from the game only to come back years later, I remembered when the game was tributing. To comeback and be introduced to Syncros and XYZ’s – and the Pendulums was a big shock. The game was ludicrously fast compared to what I remembered.

I’ve been a player on the D/D/D train and have loaded a full board of extra deck monsters with an opening hand. It’s unheard of… and I would even dare to say, never what was intended for the game. I’ve griped before that your extra deck had merely become an extension of the main deck. I’ve yearned for decks that actually beat you with the main deck.  Say what you will about full power Monarchs – I love what they do.  Kozmo too, I believe we’re going to see a shift back toward the main deck being plan A and not just how you get into your extra deck.

Extra deck monsters have been given their own special area on the the board – Extra Monster Zones. Except that there are only 2 and each player can only occupy 1. On the surface, this limits both players to only 1 Extra Deck Monster at a time.

This is where the Link mechanic comes into play. See Link monsters can be placed into your extra monster zone, then his link arrows will point to surrounding main monster zones, those main monster zones may then also be used as extra monster zones.

In a sense they “link” your extra monster zone with the rest of your main monster zones. They also link your main deck now with your extra deck and you link monsters together with them as well.

I think linking is going to be great (sucks that I just built D/D/Ds though..). I had mentioned to a friend that tou might very well see rogue decks become more common until the mechanic is fully rolled out and the game starts speeding up again.  

With the emergence of pendulum synchros and pendulum fusions – I’m curious if we’ll see Link hybrids as well. I completely expect to see them by this time next year.  We’ll see though. Thanks for reading this diatribe – next up is Honeybot!


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