#Yugioh Card Review – Honeybot

Oh my god, she’s so cute! 

Neither player can target monsters in this card’s Linked Zone with card effects, also those monsters cannot be destroyed by battle.
And she’s got her little homeycombs that link together.  Well played Konami.

So honeybot is a Link 2, left and right links, with 1900 attack, she’s a LIGHT attribute Cybers type monster who requires two Cybers type monsters to summon.

So out of the gate, the play is get Link Spider and spread out with Honeybot. Honeybot adds non-targetable and can’t be destroyed by battle to her wingmen.

1900 is decent power but definitely isn’t going to hang around for very long.  She’s going to need help.  But if you can protect her, she’ll protect you. She would actually be kinda scary next to a Lead Yoke or a U.A. Goalkeeper. Either of them can protect her and she shields them in turn.  Goalkeeper is probably better being a quick effect on their turn.

It’s worth repeating that I really like the artworks for the new Cybers. I’m curious if Link monsters will exclusively be Cybers. Likely they will be just Cybers to start (it promotes the new type and makes them stand out just that much more) and booster packs will roll out later with both generic and specialized Links for more archetypes and deck styles. I can almost picture the inevitable Blue-Eyes White Link Dragon…


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