#Yugioh Card Review – Dark World Brainwashing / Dark World Discussion

Where are you been?!  This card has been so necessary for so long and while it may not be tier 0 and I don’t think for a minute that it catapults Dark Worlds to YCS finals – this is a piece long missing from this puzzle whether you knew it or not.

When an opponent’s monster effect is activated while you have 3 or more cards in your hand: You can target 1 “Dark World” monster on the fieldreturn it to the hand, and if you do, the activated opponent’s effect becomes “Discard 1 random card from your opponent’s hand”.

I played Dark Worlds. Mained it. Loved it. Still love it. Dark Worlds are a surprisingly powerful deck with (at times) brutal effects and could curb stomp a lot of competitors if not for the hinderance to their true power. What do I mean?

Dark Worlds (for any who aren’t fully familiar or just need a refresher) is a Fiend archetype that focused on generating field presence and hand advantage through discarding. All but a couple Dark World monster had an effect that triggered upon being discarded such as “Zure” a Lv.4 vanilla).

So there were cards like Dark World Lightning and Dark World Dealing that could force discards. One monster in particular, Ceruli, could summon to the opponent’s side of the field and cause the controller’s opponent to discard a card.

Also, some monsters would special summon on discard. And a few slim few had double effects. One effect went off when the monster got discarded but the second effect would activate when your opponent forced the discard.  For this reason, Dark Worlds rarely ever flexed their full power.

If your opponent causes the discard:

  • Grapha lets you look at a card in the opponent’s hand – if it’s a monster, summon it to your side of the field
  • Snoww lets you summon a monster from the opponent’s graveyard to your side of the field (DEF position)
  • Reign-beaux lets you Raigeki or Heavy Storm the opponent

There are others, but those are the big ones. But again, most people only play against Dark Worlds once before they catch on to how they work.  And in the deck’s defense: it has good cards to support the mechanic. 

Gates of Dark World is a really really good field spell. Small power boost, but for a banish it gives you draw power + a discard! Lightning will pop a card for a discard and Dealings is a draw for a discard. Good support, really.

But Dark Worlds always felt like you were only playing half the deck – teching Ceruli to set-up those beefy effects we talked about. And so much as whispering “Necrovalley” is enough to make a guy wanna catch up on Netflix.

So now the reason you’re here – Dark World Brainwashing. A continuous trap that if an opponent activates a monster effect: if you’re holding 3 or more cards you can bounce a Dark World monster you control back to the hand, then change that monster’s effect to “discard a random card from your opponent’s hand”.

You now have a much easier set up for your big plays. 

Noob question: Reign-Beaux at 3?!

I’ll slap you. No. But at one he should be a staple in your deck with this. He has a brutal effect that is now actually viable – let alone all the others. I’d run Brainwashing itself at two or three. Sound high? It is. It may be continuous, but it likely won’t be around for very long at a time.

Unfortunately it is a late fix for something that never should’ve been a problem. More of the support cards loaded with the “change the effect to your opponent discards” would have meant this card was never needed. But such is life, as it is, I’ll be dusting off my Dark Worlds and patiently waiting for this card to come out. 


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