#Yugioh Discussion – The Future of Pendulums and Extra Deck Spam

So as the stories go another component of the new Extra Monster Zone and changes to the interactions of Extra Deck Monsters is a change to running Pendulums.

Thus being that monsters Pendulum Summoned from hand can go to the Main Monster Zone while monsters Pendulum Summoned from the Extra Deck must go to the Extra Monster Zone.

This immediately hits decks like Igknights, Dracoslayer (or at least decks running the engine), Pendulum Magicians, and others.  This greatly slows the game back down with the two fastest threats – Pendulums and Extra Deck spamming taking headshots.

While many people have seen the “Make Quasar in 2 cards with Link Summon” and such.  These are “lab conditions”. It requires a long list of combo pieces and the hope that your opponent will sit there and just watch you play Yugioh. While some may decry this is just me splitting hairs and saying things like “we’re just showing that it can be done”, I would counter that you could also draw Exodia in an opening hand – I wouldn’t hang my decision on whether or not the game is still worth playing just on that.

I’ve heard countless whining and complaints on and offline that:

  • Pendulums ruined the game
  • Pendulums are OP
  • The game is too fast

And so on. Konami isn’t just correcting an issue but cutting Pendulums out at the knees. There’s also the arguement that pendulums weren’t a natural progression in the game’s power. This may be true, however Konami did nothing to hold back on what came out.  Many point to PePe as the case study of everything wrong with the mechanic to the point that a banlist was used to temper it.

I don’t personally thing pendulums are “bad”.  It’s a fun mechanic that by design is easily exploitable. Like a kid playing with firecrackers behind a 7-11, pretty soon you’ve got a dumpster fire on your hands.

Next there’s the issue of extra deck spamming. Be it synchro spamming or xyz spam, lots of decks will know the heartbreak of just a total lack of real estate. Toad decks will feel the sting. The limitations are going to have a resounding effect.

I’m interested to see how a deck like Superheavy Samurai fares. Another main deck beatdown styles that have extra deck options but aren’t hindered by these changes is Dark Worlds. And with a nasty new trap that I have to review it may see some new life.

See with the new Link mechanic you can’t bring out a new extra deck monster without a currently available space for them to land on (or more than one without Link monsters extending the zone).  This causes problems for many high octane decks, but there are several decks (like ghostricks) that don’t need a lot of extra deck support or noble knights that grind out and traditionally play “protect the castle” with a single extra deck monster.

Pendulums will still be playable but it won’t be the vomiting seizure of summoning and combos that it used to be. The chronic cases of cardboard diarrhea we used to see will become (initially) very uncommon and I believe that the variety of lesser played decks (no matter for how short a time) that could start creeping back in could be great.  The ban list could be something to possibly even look forward to.

I think it will be telling to see how existing decks evolve from their more powerful turbo forms into slower more toolboxy variants.  It certainly opens the door for it anyway. I know that I like seeing decks that aren’t just finished in 2 turns – win or lose. If we can go back to a time when a deck had some character then I’m all for it.

I might even build a Performapal deck..


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