#Yugioh Discussion – Superheavy Samurai and Ancient Gears

So this has been discussed before but it is a conversation I enjoy.  With all but confirmed headshots to many of the big meta and even some of the rogues, one can’t help but wonder if the new landscape – presumably a slower, less do-or-die OTK, anti-massive turn one uber-board style of could encourage potent (even if less potent than the current state) builds that simply can’t keep up with where the game is right now, may start creeping back in.

I’ve mentioned Superheavy Samurais before and I can’t help but think with their aggro-defensive style (which is pretty unparalleled in Yu-Gi-Oh) could be very effective in the new game.  A zero reliance on spells and traps means the restructuring of the Spell/Trap/Pendulum zones really don’t matter.  And they’re not necessarily a turbo deck by any means. The SH Samurais’ ability to grind out a game in the main deck is impressive.  After Full-Power Domain-Monarchs was hit, SH Samurais found a pretty decent match up with them.  Typically one SH Synchro will do the job – so while Linking (in my opinion) probably won’t be any more difficult for them than anyone else – Superheavies don’t “need” that big wombo-combo play to get things going.  They can just Flutist into a Big Benkei, Trumpeter into Susano-o. General Coral (did anyone else hear Rick Grimes, just now?) plus Gauntlet is still a brutal OTK.

The new Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon is a monster and another main deck OTK with no need of the Extra Deck or its specialized zones.  Ancient Gear can get all three Reactor Dragons in one play and with Limiter Removal it’s devastating. 

To do this you’ll need at least 1 Reactor Dragon and Geartown, Catapult, and Fortress in hand.  This can be tricky for turn two, as that’s a very specific first hand to draw into (but not impossible). It’s an amazing KO to follow-up an unblocked Dark Hole (as Ancient Gear Catapult requires you to control no monsters).

Having Geartown in play alongside Ancient Gear Fortress, use Ancient Gear Catapult to destroy either Geartown or Fortress. Catapult will summon a Reactor Dragon from the deck and Geartown will summon another from the deck – or – Fortress summons the one in your hand. Enter the battle phase: Reactor Dragon’s effect triggers when you destroy a monster, which is destroy a spell/trap. Use that to pop the remaining spell/trap you missed and it will drop that last Reactor Dragon you’ve been waiting for.

Others like Ultra Athletes, Harpies, Bujins, and Dark Worlds are all examples of decks that can put in the work without needing the Extra Deck or Pendulum Summons.

There are lots of decks that could emerge during this interesting time before arguably one of the biggest core changes the game has ever seen.


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