#Yugioh Card Review – Super Quantal Fairy Alphan

Ayy yai yai yai! So Alpha was the robot assistant to Zordon in the Power Rangers series.  He was responsible for selecting the Rangers themselves along with many other tasks within the command center.  It should be noted that he didn’t necessarily agree with Zordon’s plan of recruiting teenagers, but did as he was told regardless.

Once per turn: You can target 1 “Super Quant” monster you control; all face-up monsters you currently control become that monster’s Level. You can Tribute this card; reveal 3 “Super Quant” monsters with different names from your Deck, your opponent randomly picks 1 for you to Special Summon to your field, and you send the rest to the Graveyard. You can only use this effect of “Super Quantal Fairy Alphan” once per turn.

So considerably less “cheesy, made for kids tv” robot. Alphan boasts incredible stats… For all of the wrong reasons. 0/0 isn’t about to strike fear in the hearts of foes, but what he lacks in brute force he makes up for in his effect.  Before I get into that though, I should point out that he/she/it is a Lv. 1 Light attribute monster, making it a target for Shining Angel and One for One (if such is your fancy).

Once per turn you can target a Super Quant monster and all of your face up monsters become that monster’s Lv.  Not bad.  With the Super Quant monsters all being different levels, this could ease things up a little.  Lv. manipulation is always a plus.  But to be completely honest, this effect is completely overshadowed by..

Tribute this monster, pick three “Super Quant” monsters from your deck – opponent randomly picks one and you special summon it, the other two are sent to grave. It’s once per turn.  This is the money, right here.  It activates any of the Layer monsters involved. This card makes plays happen.  While the random aspect isn’t phenomenal, it sets up your graveyard, it thins your deck, it clears a useless 0/0 off the board, it enables a safer summon for the Layers that can’t defend themselves, while not eating a normal summon.  But you have to normal summon Alphan, you say? Not necessarily.

While this is the effect Alphan is better known for, the level manipulation can put some work in.  The mechs are generic XYZ’s as we’ll see soon enough.  And they each have an effect that allows you to attach a Super Quantum monster from field or hand as material (provided you have their corresponding pilot as material already).

Alphan is pretty solid, he’s also toolboxy without being too situational. If he only had level manipulation – I probably wouldn’t run him.  If it was only the tribute effect I would run him anyway, but having both options is very nice.


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