#Yugioh Card Review – Super Quantal Alphan Spike

So not only do we have heroes, but we have teammates, athleticism, and of course – punching a small fairy monster helper thing into your adversaries as a team attack.  Before I go into the effects let’s look at the artwork.  I know I haven’t given as much time to artworks lately but this one deserves a chin-wag.

So when I was typing the title, I had written “Strike” when come to realize it said “Spike”.  OK, so take a closer look at Alphan … Nope, no protruding spikes.  That’s the dumbest name ever.  And it leaves me thinking “So what? They spike him like a volleyball, ha!… Wait a tick..”

That’s when I notice Blue Layer with her hands up for a volley, if you look really close at Green his arms are together like how you would set up a bump, an energy trail through the air from Layer to Layer, and then looking closely at Alphan’s energy sphere – the bands are in the exact configuration of a volleyball!  Complete with color coded tracers for each Layer following the ball (Green is a little hard to see, but the tracer is under the ball). Nicely done, team! 

But now onto the meat and potatoes of the card – what does it do? And is it any good?

If you control 3 or more “Super Quantum” monsters with different names: Shuffle as many cards your opponent controls as possible into the Deck, then your opponent Special Summons 1 monster from their Extra Deck, ignoring its Summoning conditions. You can banish this card and 1 “Super Quantal Fairy Alphan” from your Graveyardactivate 1 “Super Quantal Mech Ship Magnacarrier” from your Deck.

Ok so … good-ish.. Uh, yeah.  Well not every card can be great.  So the idea would be that the Layers combine forces and wipe out the bad guys only to have a “boss” baddie of some kind emerge to battle the team.  Almost like the showdown style that pure Kaiju plays…sorta.

It should be noted that if your opponent doesn’t have anything in his extra deck, you’re unable to use it.  The “then” in the wording makes the opponent’s summon mandatory.

It’s also can seem a little awkward having all three Layers on board at the same time.  While it is possible to have an empty field to:

  • Special summon Red Layer by his effect
  • Normal summon Green Layer
  • Special summon Blue Layer by the effect of Green Layer

And voila, all three – this is situational at best. If you don’t have a ready-made answer for that free Extra Deck monster they’re getting it could be more trouble than it’s worth.  It is a disruptive card (which I like), it’s return to deck (without question the best removal type in the game), and practically no cost (to you).  While you could make a case for this card against an XYZ heavy deck (since XYZ monsters tend to rely on materials) but Synchros will have a field day.  Pendulums might not appreciate their stuff hitting the deck like that.

But with that said, it can make for a pretty good overkill play.  Yes it’s a free monster but many decks can’t go off with just one monster.  There’s also a limit to how many game-threatening cards are in the Extra Deck.  A full size Magnus will not be stopped by virtually anything in the Extra Deck to begin with.  Not to mention that if you’re using this card mid to late game – they may have already spent their biggest threats already.

Alphan Spike’s second effect is arguably better: banish this card and a Super Quantal Fairy Alphan from your graveyard to activate a Super Quantal Mech Ship Magnacarrier from your deck.

This opens up scary possibilities. Remember that the Magnacarrier has effects of its own – both allowing for easy XYZ summons and for summoning Great Magnus.

While some people judge this card for being slow – please recall how many terraformings you would run in this deck. And maybe you think its tricky to get in the graveyard without using it – wrong, every discard effect is “Super Quant” meaning you can use this for that.  Also, I said seems earlier because it really is easy to field all three (see above).  There are lots of plays available which will become more apparent as we cover more cards.

Sticking to topic, I like this card at two.  It’s not difficult to use as terraforming and the full board bounce can be really strong.  And whatever hits the field will probably be facing down Magnus. And with 6+ materials .. That won’t end well for them. It’s too much at three, you want this card near mid game for Magnacarrier and later for the “Triverr” style bounce.

All in all it’s a decent card, speed hurts it a little. Next up: Magnacarrier.


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