#Yugioh Card Review – SPYRAL GEAR – Last Resort

SPYRALS! How did you get so good so quickly?  Who came up with this and forgot to submit it, Konami?!  Well it’s here now!  Yes I plan on finishing Quantums and maybe I’ll fill in SPYRALS at some point but this card is too good to not address.

You can target 1 “SPYRAL” monster you controlequip this monster from your hand or field to that target. While this card is equipped to a monster by this effect, the equipped monster cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects, also your opponent cannot target it with card effects. Once per turn, if this card is equipped to a monster by this effect: You can send 1 other card you control to the Graveyard; the equipped monster can attack directly this turn.
Holy smokes. Let’s break this down.

So he’s a Lv.4 EARTH machine-type monster with 1000/1000.  Solid, no beef, the numbers suck but you’re not here for those today!

You can target a SPYRAL monster you control and equip this thing from field or hand.  Let’s stop right there.

Good work, Konami.  That is a proper way to set up a “Last Resort”.  No games, no crazy requirements, no costs.  Just equip from field or hand.  It’s beautiful.

While equipped to a monster, that monster can’t be destroyed by battle, card effects, or be targetted! 

That is awesome! 

Noob – uhhh but Spinnach, non target spin?

Quiet, Noob! That is certianly true, but we’re talking about a two card investment.  That will take a valuable resource to deal with. Also if SPYRAL Resort is live, you have to hit the field spell first.  You are making dealimg with this thing more complicated than necessary and I love it!

And finally you can send another card you control to the graveyard and the monster equipped by this card can attack directly.

OTK!! Honestly.  You’ve got Super Agent feeding off drones or Sleeper now immune to his own destruction effect!  This card is so versatile and .. Oh and it’s SPYRAL GEAR so you can get it from Quik-Fix.

Get three of these – play SPYRALS.  That’s your homework, class.  I mean stacking drones can be risky, but this is: huge protection, direct damage, and can be played from the hand.

I loved Spirit of the Six Samurai but having to go field – the equip – ugh.  Its slow and awful. Because if you need – NEED – your Agent out there and for some God-awful reason you had to normal summon him, the play doesn’t die on arrival.  I had a lot of fun playing SPYRALS early on, this has me interested all over again!

The artwork is fun – Agent looks great in the Mech and it appears to be the devastated command centre.  It depicts Super Agent being ready and willing to pull out all the stops. Last Resort?

Well played.



    1. No. As game mechanics prevent attacks in the first turn. The card allows an attack to be direct – but game mechanics do not allow the declaration of an attack. So no, you can’t loophole a free hit 1st turn with this. Good idea though – I thought about that too!


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