#Yugioh Card Review – Super Quantal Mech Beast Aeroboros

Swooping in next is Green Layer’s Aeroboros. The avian mech of the Quantal Beasts, it has a balanced stat line with a tricky effect.

Level 4 monsters

Cannot attack unless it has Xyz MaterialOnce per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card, then target 1 other face-up monster on the field; change it to face-down Defense Position. This effect can be activated during either player’s turn, if this card has “Super Quantum Green Layer” as Xyz Material. Once per turn: You can attach 1 “Super Quantum” monster from your hand or field to this card as an Xyz Material.
So Aeroboros shares two of its abilities with Magnaliger in that it cannot attack unless it has XYZ material attached and that once per turn (if Green Layer is attached as XYZ material) you can attach a Super Quantum monster from your hand or field to this monster as XYZ material.

Now Aeroboros’ main effect is considerably more functional – during either player’s turn you can detach 1 material to target a face-up monster on the field and flip it face-down.

This will always be a powerful effect and the fact that attaching more material means you can just keep using it is very good.  That option to just throw a wrench in an opponent’s combo can’t be sold short.

He may not seem very strong at only 2200, but that’s not bad for a rank 4.  Also if you’ve got an Overlay Booster in grave that’s an extra 500 ATK to work with.  And Magnaslayer will pull Aeroboros up to 2600.  And let’s not forget that our endgame isn’t fielding the Mech Beasts for an old school XYZ beatdown – we’re making our way to Magnus.


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