#Yugioh Card Review – Super Quantal Mech Beast Granpulse

The final Super Quantal Mech Beast is Blue Layer’s Granpulse.  Granpulse is a defensive affair, boasting a stat line that makes for a decent early to mid-game wall and an ability to keep your opponent’s shenanigans in check.

Level 3 monsters
Cannot attack unless it has Xyz MaterialOnce per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card, then target 1 Spell/Trap Card on the fielddestroy it. This effect can be activated during either player’s turn, if this card has “Super Quantum Blue Layer” as Xyz Material. Once per turn: You can attach 1 “Super Quantum” monster from your hand or field to this card as an Xyz Material.

As a water attribute machine-type monster, Granpulse has access to some good generic support.  Also it’s generic Rank-3 summoning conditions make him an easy splash into other Rank-3 spam decks without much issue.  It’s 1800/2800 are good stats (if not solely relegating it to wall status), of course Limiter Removal can make a go of it.

So let’s look at what it can do.

Right away, Granpulse has the typical Super Quantal Mech Beast effects of: it can’t attack without XYZ material attached and when it’s proper pilot is a material (in this case, Blue Layer) you can once per turn attach a Super Quantum monster from your hand or field to this monster as material.

Granpulse’s unique effect is a quick-effect to detach one material from it to destroy a spell/trap card on the field, once per turn on either player’s turn.  So essentially it’s MST with a big body.

When the name of the game is field 3 XYZ monsters to “super XYZ” into a final boss, Granpulse makes sense as a starting point on account of its ability to hand around.  2800 doesn’t just get steamrolled by just anything and even if it’s only once per turn, it’s backrow potshots can help keep the other guy in line.

As a pair of yolked dolphins, Granpulse looks… Out of place.  I love the colour, but the concept is odd, to me anyway.  I mean for the defensive member of the team wouldn’t a turtle have made more sense?  Not one of my favorite artworks, it’s not bad – in fact it’s well done; I just don’t think it suits the archetype.

But for any gripes about the appearance of the card, you can’t complain too much about its functionality, it’s a good card.


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