#Yugioh Archetype Discussion – Six Samurai

I dithered for a while if I should do a massive archetype review, but that would be a gargantuan post.  Then reviewing the cards individually, but figured that would take me into retirement.  So I settled on an Archetype Discussion because I can hit the highlights, avoid the seemingly irrelevant, and get to the point.

TL;DR – If TCG will finally bring back Gateway of the Six (hey, they brought back the Ice Barrier dragons!) you could have a really kooky and fun Link ready comeback deck on your hands.

Now Six Samurai were devastating back in their hay day.  Fueled by the brokenness of Gateway, this deck could cycle through their main line up, synchro, circle back and do it again.

With cards like Kizan and Grandmaster that merely require other Samurai on the field to break loose, there’s plenty to work with.  Kageki hates travelling alone and insists on bringing a friend when he’s normal summoned.

Spells like Shien’s Smoke Signal serve to gather resources in addition to running Reinforcements of the Army.  Asceticism summons a partner from the deck to equal a Samurai on the field.  Double-Edged Sword Technique will reborn two Samurai from the grave until the end of the turn and then burn you for their combined attack during the end phase if they remain on the field.  Backs to the wall will leave your life points at death’s door to reborn as many Samurai as your field can accommodate.

So without getting into the other cards and effects of other Samurai it’s clear to most that this was an explosive, turn-one, strike fast, hit hard, combo heavy deck that would synchro like crazy.   This was accomplished via the most ridiculous standalone engine that I have ever seen.  For those not familiar already, meet Gateway of the Six Samurai:
So forget the ATK boost, even that Shien effect doesn’t see that much action, but that middle effect…

See, Gateway can use bushido counters from anywhere, not just it’s own.  Also it adds every time a Samurai hits the field.  You’ll notice the effects aren’t once per turn either. God help me if you have two of these things live, your deck is literally open until you run out of space to play.

Now Six Samurai recently got new support which I’ll cover later as my interest is in how it may be something to look at in the wake of Link summoning.  Links require effect monster tributes.  Six Samurai can field grotesque amounts of monsters in a turn.

Once that Link is out, Gateway will start restocking your hand and then what?  A nasty board, more Links?  What if Konami lost their minds and gave Six Samurai their own Link monster?!

Six Samurai fell out of meta relevance when Gateway was seemingly banned into oblivion.  The advent of XYZ monsters started outpacing synchros and the power creep of the game made the disparity even more obvious.  While the deck wasn’t seriously hit after that (yes ROTA was hit but that hurt several decks equally) the loss of its main thruster (Gateway) left it adrift.

What was once a dominant force in the YCS became a fringe rogue.  With the new Link mechanics and the reshaping of the playing field itself, we have a very different game of Yugioh.  This one missing piece that caused a powerhouse deck to plummet into irrelevance could catapult it back into center stage.

With the limitation that extra deck monsters must be first properly summoned to an Extra Monster Zone, the contracting of Pendulum Zones into the proper Spell/Trap Zones, it seems that what was one looked upon as dated – Six Samurai may be uniquely positioned to take back some ground.

But all of this hangs on the Gateway of the Six coming back in.  Its ability to add from hand and grave paired with Kizan and Grandmaster (as I’ve said before) could be just the ticket to start rolling out Links like crazy!



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