#Yugioh Card Review – Angel Sage Minerva

Yup, angels are going to be a thing against. Now i’ll be Honest … Eh? Eh?? Ok bad joke (he also gets a reprint in this set – spoilers) I never really played much of Agents or Hyperion despite liking the idea and frankly thinking Hyperion looks pretty cool. So i’m seeing some things (or at least processing things) either for the first time or for the first time from this particular point of view. But enough about me – let’s look at Minerva.

Each time a Counter Trap Card is activated, this card gains 500 ATK immediately after it resolves, also, if “The Sanctuary in the Sky” is on the field, add 1 Counter Trap with a different name from that activated card from your GY to your hand.

So pretty typical stat line, a Lv.4 Light Fairy with 1700/400. Fairy and Light themes with the deck and will synergize with most of the support out of the box. Lv.4 is always good for toolboxing regardless of what your Extra Deck is composed of, although it will likely be XYZ monsters and Lv.4 will suit that just fine.

1700 is a reasonable base line for the offense considering that its effect revolves around getting off counter traps amd boosting 500 pts at a time. Not once per turn, and not just yours. This Angel can get very big very quickly. Two traps and you’re at 2700. So i’m pretty happy about the effect and the base is good – not some base 500 Atk and you have to build a play to get things rolling. Even just 1 trap to make 2200 is decent.

YuGiOh 101 -> Lv 4 monsters don’t require tributes and you’re going to be running counter traps anyway, it’s the flavor of the deck.

The 400 def is irrelevant, it could have been 0 and no one would notice, you’re not here for the defense anyway.

What’s more, if you’re running Sanctuary in the Sky (which is also reprinted for this set) then you can return a dead counter trap from your grave back to your hand (with the stipulation that it doesn’t have the same name as the trap you activated).

So this is Minerva, what do you think? Personally I think she’s goint to be a staple, maybe not three depending on your deck, but two for sure. She packs a lot of potential fire power and the ability to restock counter traps will be frightening with how quickly even two of these could be on the field.

I mean, recycling Divine Punishment with this card alone makes it a scary prospect.

It’s just a shame that YuGiOh already used the name “Light of Destruction”. It would have been infinitly more fitting.


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