#Yugioh Archetype Discussion – Kaiju (1/2)

Is it the King of the Trolls or is it the Troll of Kings?  I’ve got some mixed feelings about the openly controversial archetype so I’d like to take a look at it tonight.  So grab some popcorn, click on the VHS (yes, you heard me), bring the lights down and let’s watch some monsters!


So this was the monster who introduced the archetype to us.  Based on the King of the Monsters himself, Dogoran is essentially the poster-boy (monster) for the Kaijus.  His effect explains that – you can Special Summon him from your hand to your opponent’s field (in Attack position) by tributing one of their monsters.  Sounds bad so far.  But follows up with “If your opponent controls a ‘Kaiju’ monster, you can Special Summon this monster (from your hand) in Attack Position.”

It then goes on to state that you can only control 1 Kaiju monster.  Once your opponent has one this stipulation applies to them as well.  So then it becomes apparent.  The movie genre so popular for pitting one giant monster against another in a death battle has been (honestly) pretty faithfully recreated in Yu-Gi-Oh! As the whole point becomes, scrap what your opponent has, give him a big beefy monster, you get a big beefy monster, and then duke it out.

Now the archetype utilizes counters as well.  Dogoran’s unique effect allows him to spend 3 Kaiju counters from anywhere on the field to Raigeki the opponent, but then prevents him from attacking on the same turn.


Gadarla here, based on Mothra, shares of course in the “Kaiju” effects, but his unique effect allows him to half the ATK/DEF of every other monster on the field (yours included) at the cost of 3 Kaiju counters – again, from anywhere on the field.  And this is once per turn and on either player’s turn, which gives it an explosiveness not to be underestimated.


…Ah yes.  Gameciel.  Arguably the most infamous of the Kaijus and the reason for most of the deck’s hate.  Now Gameciel is actually (in archetype) an extremely powerful Kaiju, despite his lack of offense.  His unique ability allows him (on either player’s turn) to spend 2 Kaiju counters from anywhere on the field when your opponent activates a card or effect to then negate the effect and banish the card.  With a 3000 DEF this card can cause headaches all day long.  It’s an extremely powerful effect, which if you weren’t paying attention, isn’t limited to once per turn.  If you’ve been hoarding counters, this thing can literally stall your opponent’s deck, it’s crazy!  YouTube something like Gameciel OP or some such and find a game where someone locks down with Gameciel, it’s hard to watch.

But what was intended to be the cornerstone of the Kaiju’s defense didn’t stay that way.  Sadly, he’s the reason that Yu-Gi-Oh! isn’t allowed to have nice things.  Rather than play the whole deck, many took to Gameciel and started splashing him in all over the place.  Abusing him in a similar fashion to Neo-Spacian Grand Mole – he became a scapegoat of sorts, an out to whatever your opponent had been building up to.  Wait until your opponent has spent sufficient time and resources then – give him a Gameciel – in place for whatever his ace might have actually been.

See, haplessly giving away a Gameciel in a mirror match or even just with a deck playing pure Kaiju is a risky proposition.  That’s why the Kaijus can spend tokens from anywhere. It was an attempted balancing mechanism so as not to abuse them and to give the Kaiju player some pause before throwing out monsters willy nilly.  If you had a bunch of counters and then gave your opponent a Kaiju, they can start rolling out those effects and make you pay for it.

Unfortunately though, because people were only playing Gameciel, there’s no counters anywhere, the card stipulates Attack position and 2200 really isn’t that big, and finally – you would already know what you’re going to do to that Kaiju before you play it.  So an entire archetype got flushed overnight as the “Gameciel out” ramped up in popularity.  And while it’s not Main Deck material like it used to be, it’s still a common face in Side Decks.

Sadly, while practically every player knows Gameciel, most people don’t even know the other Kaijus, what they do, and so on.  But I’m not here to throw shade on people who play the game.  It’s the design and people play to win.  It’s not a bad strategy by any means, in fact when it was first “discovered” it was lauded as brilliant – but again, to the detriment of the archetype.


Now, moving on from Gameciel because, again, he’s not the only Kaiju – is Jizukiru.  And boy howdy that is a big’un.  With Light attribute, Machine typing, and 3300 Attack this thing has “for game” written all over it.  It’s effect is … useful … but underwhelming, once per turn – during either player’s turn – so that’s going for it.  When a card or effect targets exactly one card (and no other cards), you can remove 3 Kaiju counters from anywhere, negate the effect of that card and then destroy 1 card on the field.

Now that’s not bad, at 3 counters, it’s kinda expensive and it simply negates a single target card.  What’s nice is the after effect destruction, as with a single use card the negation is enough, it won’t be hanging around.  Then you get to pop something else.  Maybe negate a Twin Twister, then pop a card, they discarded to activate, so they’re at a -3 for the play.  But in the face of the other Kaijus so far… yeah, just not as great.

But they had to give him some kind of effect and lets be honest – when that stat line hits the field, you’re not thinking about interrupting their MST.

So let’s pause right here and will pick it up next time with the other 4 Kaiju, plus their supporting cards.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read and I hope you follow up on the next installment!


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