#Yugioh Archetype Review – Kaiju (2/2)

So back with the rest of our Kaiju discussion to follow up with the other Kaiju monsters and the support cast of spells and traps. Looking at the following cards will give us a much better view of how Kaijus are “supposed” run.


Kumongous is probably the most terrifying looking Kaiju. That is one ugly, ugly beast. No thank you. But lets get on with it. So 2400/2500 is pretty decent..ish. But what can it actually do? When your opponent summons (normal or special) a monster(s) — that’ll handle pesky pendulums — you pay 2 Kaiju counters and that monster(s) can’t attack and they have its effects negated. Wait what? Where’s the once per turn clause? You can keep using this as long as you have counters?! It doesn’t target either?? Mother of God..

The idea that the giant spider can catch monsters in its web is both thematic, fitting, and very useful. Now it can potentially miss timing (when vs if) but honestly, that’s not necessarily a deal breaker.


Next is Radian, with 2800 it packs more punch than the “average” Kaiju. Radian, while not being a mega-powerhouse like Jizukiru, has a very unique effect. Spend 2 Kaiju counters (from anywhere, as always) to summon a “Radian Token” with identical stats to Radian. The only caveat is that you can’t use the token to synchro summon. But again, with no “once per turn” clause, you have the potential to spawn a small army of 2800 beatsticks. 2800 isn’t the biggest ever, no, but it’s nothing to sneeze at, especially when you popping these things out one after another. It’s **almost** like a Gorz.. ok not really, but i’m making the comparison in terms of a large monster that brings out tokens to rush down your opponent. I really like Radian. Great addition.


The only other Kaiju to have a printed attack as high as Jizukiru, Thunder King is a beast. He’s sporting that mammoth 3300 attack, but like his equally offensive brother, lacks somewhat with its unique effect. Once per turn {{strike one}}, You can remove 3 Kaiju counters {{expensive, strike two}} from anywhere on the field: your opponent’s cards and effects cannot be activated for the rest of this turn, also this card can make up to 3 attacks on monsters during each Battle Phase this turn. {{……..}}

OK, I lied. This is ridiculous effect. It shuts your opponent down for the rest of the turn and allows this thing to punch out upwards of 9900 damage potential. This could possibly clear your opponent’s field and likely deal some serious damage. This is a win condition Kaiju – if it doesn’t end the battle then it won’t be long before it does.


Lastly is a much underrated Kaiju and the longest name, Super Anti-Kaiju War Machine Mecha-Dogoran (phew). So I made a point to say that Thunder King and Jizukiru have the highest “printed” ATK values. For the sake of my keyboard I’m just going to say Mecha – so Mecha doesn’t have a printed ATK, it’s a “?”. So let’s see how we calculate the value –> off to the unique effect!

Once per turn: You can remove 2 Kaiju counters from anywhere on the field, equip 1 Kaiju monster from your hand or grave to this card. Mecha then gains ATK equal to the combined original ATK of the Kaiju monsters equipped to Mecha by this effect.

So Mecha has a “potential” ATK of 16,500 (if it were to be equipped with a combination of Thunder Kings and Jizukirus) which is absolutely disgusting. It’s a wild card, a joker so to speak. This is also why, when playing proper Kaijus, you wouldn’t necessarily want to toss Gameciel everytime. Because as soon as you’d try to equip something with Mecha’s effect – Gameciel would simply spent your counters, negate, and banish Mecha. You’d be dead in the water before you even start. Kumongous would stall you, Gadarla would shave your ATK, you’d actually want to throw them a Radian – provided that between your hand and grave you have a bigger number.

Mecha despite its fire power, it probably the clunkiest of the Kaijus, I love the artwork, but you really need to know what you’re doing before you go into this one.


In my opinion – it’s an archetype when you have a field spell. So here’s the Kyoutou Waterfront. When cards hit the grave, add a counter. This card has a “Magical Citadel” effect to spend a single counter to keep it from being destroyed, except that you need a minimum of 3 counters. This card is hardly amazing, but cards going to grave is a stupidly easy way to generate counters. So it does facilitate the Kaijus effects especially considering that the “tributing” opponent’s monsters means they’re going to the grave. So it isn’t difficult working up the counters to fuel your Kaijus and to protect itself.


OK so saying “traps” earlier was an exaggeration. There was only one trap. So it’s here and it’s not bad. So this continuous trap will allow you to target a Kaiju and flip it face down, add a Kaiju counter on this to a max of 3. If you max out, you can’t use the effect because you can no longer add the requisite counters. But remember, Kaijus spend counters, so this allows you a continuous book of moon that fuels Kaiju effects as a happy by-product. Also, if this card gets wasted, you draw 2 cards! Hurray! It’s once per turn, but not too shabby.

Also, can we take a moment to recognize the artwork? It’s a showdown between Rodan (Radian) and Gamera (Gameciel). Fun fact, Gamera was a face, a good guy, a hero! You can also see the little tanks and mobile artillery pointing their guns *at* Radian, along with the bombers swooping on Radian. Great story telling and attention to details here!


So a continuous spell that every time a Kaiju hits the field you tally counters. Good enough for me – it furthers the Kaijus effects. But Konami didn’t completely mail it in and they gave it more substance – once per turn you can destroy a Kaiju and then replace it with a Kaiju from your deck for either player. The only hook is that it has to be a different Kaiju. You also get the option to send this card (with 3 counters) to the GY to add 1 Kaiju spell or trap from your deck to your hand (except another Kaiju Files).

So this allows you to cycle through Kaiju monsters, racks up counters, and does allow you some lateral movement in your deck. I love that the artwork has a lot of detail in the “files” regarding different Kaijus, but with a distinct emphasis on Dogoran.


The final card to look at is Interrupted Kaiju Slumber, which in a nutshell will make the Kaiju system start on a dime. Recall, the idea is:

  • tribute your opponent’s monster
  • summon your own Kaiju
  • epic showdown

Now this may not necessarily work if you don’t have enough Kaijus or if your opponent just has too much fire power on the board anyway and you can’t make it work.

Interrupted will clear the decks and then summon 2 Kaijus from your deck (one for each player) in attack position, that can’t be altered, and they must attack. Very cool. It’s spell speed 1 so it’s possible to counter, keeping it from being OP. But it can kickstart a bad match for a Kaiju player.

It also (on a different turn from when it hit the GY) can be banished from GY to add a Kaiju from your deck to your hand. And of course you can only activate 1 of this card per turn.

I really like this deck and archetype and it breaks my heart that it has been reduced to a single side deck monster in most opinions. It’s definately a rogue deck, a budget-ish option (most of the Kaijus are $2-$5, except Gameciel, the spells and traps you can get for a song), and very anti-meta. It’s a slower deck that revolves around its themed counters, but uses them to great effect when managed properly. Another point is that you *can* run pure Kaiju without an extra deck, not always recommended, but it’s very main deck focused so can do so efficiently.

The deck has it’s struggles to be fair. With the excess of counters that can be present at anytime, no matter which Kaiju you give your opponent, you’re handing them a loaded gun every time. Fast, speedy decks can make short work of Kaijus. Also, if your opponent keeps an empty field (spirits for example) then you have no way to implement anything. Mask of Restrict causes problems as well seeing how this is a tribute engine and this deck doesn’t fare well with banishing.

But for all it’s flaws, the pros are still there, and so help me – two giant monsters having a one on one face off will always feel like old time yugioh to me.

So give it a whirl, I’ll probably rebuild my Kaiju deck and profile it in the next little while. Until next time everyone!


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